yndi halda - a sun coloured shaker

I've waited so long... and i hate it.

lemur - sliver of change

amy shark - adore

miguel - told you so

Not feeling this album as much as the previous but this is killer.

iron & wine - about a bruise / what i am

mouse // paris mouse


'hunched over the greasy
burner on the stove
was noir, as in

film noir, as in
as in le nuit

not blanche but
noir, the dream you can’t
wake up from, meaning she

was a mouse fatale,
licking the old oil
glued to the old

cooktop, feasting
in her tiny hunched-up
sewer life

on fats & proteins for her
bébés all atremble in their
rotting poubel nest,

so when I screamed my piercing
Anglo-Imperial scream of
horror & betrayal—

not my stove, not my traces of
pot au feu
she leaped, balletic, over

the sink, the fridge, the lave-vaiselle,
& back to the cave & the trash she
scuttled, grim as a witch

in La Fontaine
who has to learn
the lesson we

all must learn:
Reality is always sterner
than pleasures of the nighttime burner.'

Paris Mouse


Things i've enjoyed in the month of January:

Matt Holubowski's Solitudes

Jon Hollins' The Dragon Lords: Fool's Gold

My review went a little (exactly) like this:

Farm Boy...


Just kind of living in Joanie Clothing's Avid Readers Club sweatshirt

As evidenced here:

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Overwrought and silly, just how i like my fantasy.

Chet Baker Sings

Winter looking like actual winter
Taken years ago because... i'm lazy and genuinely physically intolerant to the cold. 'Sup Raynaud's Disease, you suck.

And my own personal moon

james blake - if the car beside you moves ahead

ramsey - love surrounds you

aleksandra bouquillon