"I feel like a daisy today"

1 'Straylight Cavern' Cell Space, Duncan of Jordanstone: Cooper Gallery
2+3 Gerhard Richter, Edinburgh National Gallery
4 Godfried Schalken, Edinburgh National Gallery

Two days, three fantastic exhibitions. Good stuff.
I fell a little bit in love with Schalken's, 'A boy blowing on charcoal'

The newest editions to the 'you'll never figure this out' series.
I really really enjoy silverpoint but it's not gonna work for this project, far too tidy. Perhaps i'll use it for pretty pictures of country life to sell to my townspeople. Yes, that sounds like a plan.
Which reminds me! I've a winter scene to get to.
Stressed out. Although, best day in the studio yet. All we needed were some good tunes to kill the antisocial behaviour! White Stripes, Bon Iver, Elliott Smith.
I think i need to get back on the Red Bull to kill my lethargy. Bad idea? Yeah...

snow patrol - if there's a rocket tie me to it