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'Your Personal Moon'

A happy accident.
In keeping with the moon theme, I happened across these photographs of unknown german designers' moon installations.
Having been a victim to nyctophobia as a child, and as an 'adult' who loathes walking away from dark rooms and insists on sitting cross-legged in all chairs, one of these would have made the night a far more welcoming place.

This is just something i was working on today.
After being reintroduced to Giacometti's portraits, i've been trying to use his more atavistic style of drawing. I do tend to become obsessed with the detail rather than the person but i do love drawing quickly and very linearly, so Giacometti's work provided a much needed catalyst.
I'm not exactly happy with this drawing, it's still too polite.
Expression has really got me in a bind!
I really don't want to use big emotive faces but i feel like the more blank expressions are just too emotionless. Uchttt!
I did favourite a photograph on DA today which shows exactly what i want. If only i'd taken it:

I'm a big believer that if you're going to write something on a wall, make it something worth reading.
Take note.

leona lewis - run (cover)