There's something about being a painter and creating extraordinary light.
I truly envy that.
It's achievable while using charcoal but even the whitest of whites - not that white exists - takes on a greyish tone. Pisses me right off.
I think i'm going to try and combine the two but seeing as i'm a hopeless painter, disaster could ensue.
Curse Alex Kanevsky and his ethereal light.

Apparently, the only way to placate - awesome word - me in Edinburgh, is to leave me in Fopp. I'll have no money by the end of it but at least i'll be cheery and not at the point of mass murder.
I wish i was more in liking of the city but there's too many people and they annoy me!
So yes, Fopp is my asylum. If only they would reopen it in Dundee, i would be a very happy bunny. I miss the world cinema section!
I did however, completely forget to replace this sucker. An album i was saving from my birthday, over two months ago, only to discover it in this state! I've never seen an untouched cd so damaged. Gutted.

"You must distort to transform what is called appearance into image."

- Francis Bacon

"I think it was Carl Jung who said one of the best ways to address reality and truth is fantasy, you know? Because the important truth cannot be addressed menially, by normal drama. The reason why we carve gargoyles and angels is because we cannot explain what we feel other than through those figures. It's intrinsic to the human endeavour to have these creatures be part of your life."

- Guillermo del Toro

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