I discovered this on It's Nice That


This is shit. I knew it was but it took my dad telling me for it click.
I was far too in my own head today.

my brightest diamond - bass player


I only realised yesterday that i'd never posted an image of where my artistic education takes place. I'm not very fond of it but here it is, in all it's dour glory!:
Please excuse the crappy camera phone quality.

with great pleasure - mark kermode

king of wishful thinking

On the up
Now to conquer A0
I think perhaps i will be sitting in the paper

A proper update with full sentences will occur when my brain no longer resembles a puddle

unwed sailor - riddle of stars

little glitches


the muttering retreats

Should i stay or should i go?
DOJ i 'love' you, but you're bringing me down

justin vernon - ring out

why did the lion feel sick after he'd eaten the priest?

James Taylor

My very own little lion


"Finally, the door opened. It was a shock to see him shuffling into the room like an aging prizefighter. Limping. Beaten. But it was later when the great man squinted into the bitter glow of twilight and muttered simply, 'It means nothing. All of it. Nothing,' that the true shock came. It was then that the boy understood that his hero's true injuries lay hidden in a darker place, his heart. His heart once capable of inspiring others so completely, could no longer inspire so much as itself. It beat now only out of habit, it beat now only because it could."

Artistic education kills my spirit.
Plodding on.

bon iver - woods

we wake them up

Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart

"wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, and life unto the bitter in soul?"

Guy Bourdin

watching: dazed and confused

snow cake

Every single time i sit in front of a piece of paper i expect it to be easy because being an artist is my thing, my skill, the 'gift' i was born with and i don't know why i think this.
It gives me headaches, it pisses me off to the point of leaving the room in a stompy rage because i just don't know what i'm doing anymore and it should because if it's not hard, then my work won't be worth a damn!
Everytime i sit down to draw, i stall. I don't think i'm broken, just a little beaten down.

I'm in the midst of trying to remember why it is i go to art school, why i draw, why i fill sketchbooks with artists and anecdotes, why i think about potential drawings in the dark before i sleep 3 too many hours longer than i should.
I'm not there yet, i'm still stalling, still a little blinded but i'll get there because there are things that torture me and they deserve to get put down on paper/metal/canvas, what have you!

I'm basically pep talking myself into not pandering to everyone else's expectations and to draw for me again cause i haven't for over a year and it shows.

Kenichi Hoshine I would kill to be in New York to see this

erik mongrain - airtap!

"you're like a pop-up book from hell"

A one-handed update.
A pot of tea took burning vengeance on my right appendage. Stupid teapot.

One of the most needed artistic lessons and one that no teacher/tutor/mentor will ever bestow upon you because they're useless and stupid.
Grumpy journal entry.

devotchka - how it ends