snow cake

Every single time i sit in front of a piece of paper i expect it to be easy because being an artist is my thing, my skill, the 'gift' i was born with and i don't know why i think this.
It gives me headaches, it pisses me off to the point of leaving the room in a stompy rage because i just don't know what i'm doing anymore and it should because if it's not hard, then my work won't be worth a damn!
Everytime i sit down to draw, i stall. I don't think i'm broken, just a little beaten down.

I'm in the midst of trying to remember why it is i go to art school, why i draw, why i fill sketchbooks with artists and anecdotes, why i think about potential drawings in the dark before i sleep 3 too many hours longer than i should.
I'm not there yet, i'm still stalling, still a little blinded but i'll get there because there are things that torture me and they deserve to get put down on paper/metal/canvas, what have you!

I'm basically pep talking myself into not pandering to everyone else's expectations and to draw for me again cause i haven't for over a year and it shows.

Kenichi Hoshine I would kill to be in New York to see this

erik mongrain - airtap!