The progression of my studio. It's starting to look vaguely lived in!:

stevie wonder - we can work it out



eugene mcguinness - monsters under the bed


Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'


I very much want to see this, sod the critics.

watching: hallam foe

stranger danger

Latest experiments:

alexisonfire - this could be anywhere in the world

monsters under the bed

My animals are good. I like to photograph them and squish their faces =]

andrew bird - yawny at the apocalypse

life after the womb

First seen in 2007, i think?
Seen again tonight
Bloody brilliant.

New works cluttering up my room, i seem to have developed ADD with my work, i can't stick with one for more than a few hours. Ridiculous. I'll post them when they resemble more than the beginnings.

it spills and spills

The perfect song to end Skins on and the most devastating to soundtrack my nightly despair.

I guess i'll draw to this now and feed the melancholy beast.

in situ

Scampering around DA, as you do and i started noticing a rash of artists photographing themselves in their studios. This is something i love to see. People at work in their anally-retentive-neat-freak spaces or drowning in a mass of paint and randomly found, useless junk and so on. Seeing the scale of their works is also satisfying, it's great when something you expect to be of generic size turns out to be a monster or in fact a teeny tiny monster.
I'm pretty much a loner when it comes to working, i don't spend much time in my uni space due to the lack of privacy, so most of my work is done in my bedroom. It's pretty nice to see that i'm not the only one that needs their impenetrable bubble and doesn't need to be surrounded by others to 'create'. I think, perhaps, when the time comes for a proper studio, it'll have to be just another room painted some ridiculous colour, covered in all my day to day findings, quotes scrawled everywhere and constantly filled with music. None of this silent white wall crap. I hate white walls! It's like staring at a blank canvas all day and that is quite possibly the most daunting thing to be confronted with every day.

My reputation as a hermit is pretty much safe.

Anyway, fellow recluses:

1. Michael Shapcott
2. Jan Focke
3. Ezra Gray

They happen to produce some of my favourite works on DA also, have a gander.

thomas feiner - siren songs


Picasso's 'La planchadora', 1904

I'd never seen this painting by Picasso before and it brings home how special an artist he was.
It takes a bit of genius to make a mundane task look so bloody sublime.
I'm not bitter, not bitter at all.

1904 produced quite possibly my favourite of his works, 'The Frugal Meal':

This was my crappy attempt from late 2007

daniel merriweather - change

white lies

It's kind of like listening to The Killers, Alkaline Trio, The Bravery and Depeche Mode magic up a storm in a teacup...neat.
This'll be listened to death.

the willow and the well

Jennifer Cox

I was routing around The Ones We Love again, as in true Louise form, I forgot to go back after i posted my last findings. Anyway, i found this by Jennifer Cox and i think it's lovely.
It's got an air of mystery about it and i really appreciate that in amongst the many cliched images of children.

jóhann jóhannsson - odi et amo

sudden silhouette

Marlene Dumas
I'd really love to know how she makes children look so unfamiliar, dominating, empty. Egon Schiele did the same thing and it's a huge mystery to me as to how.
Bit of a problem seeing as i have to achieve the same effect as a significant part of my work.

jeff beck - people get ready

"...caramac is just sugar."


tv on the radio - halfway home


"And I thought you were the moon in the sky,
but it turned out you were just a streetlight.
You were burning like a hole in the night.

You were burning like a city of electric light.

And I thought you were the moon in the skies,
but it turned out you were just a pair of eyes.
You were lurking like a creature in the night.

You were looking like a city of electric light.

Hanging by your feet.
Hanging in your sleep.
Hanging in a dream.

We connect the stars,
every single one,
hanging like the sun.

And I thought you were the moon in the sky,
but it turned out you were just a streetlight.
You were burning like a hole in the night.

You were burning like a city of electric light."

- chad vangaalen
'city of electric light'