'Why can't we have a bad news channel and a good news one.'

I lifted this from Dylan Moran's Twitter.
I'm not a big fan of Twitter, i think it's really quite inane and pointless but i've no problem with people using it to tell you what they had for breakfast, if they feel the need!
Anyhow, i was googling Mr Moran as i was watching 'How Do You Want Me?' last night and was curious to know just how old he was when he made it (27), he looked just a baby!
I came across his Twitter on the way and in one of his posts he had stated the above quote. I couldn't agree more.
It's a known fact in my house that i hate the news. Loathe it in fact. I hate the way it's spun and how exploitative it is. I hate newsreaders and that little gleam of excitement they get when something tragic happens. They went full blown giddy when 9/11 happened and i find it all fairly sickening.
But in relation to Mr Moran, it's the fact that all we ever get is doom and gloom. Yes, crappy things happen but good things too. Why can't we hear about those?
The happiest thing i've seen in the news lately were the ducks in America, being caught as they jumped from the lower part of a building!
That was pretty neat though.

I need to find a decent paper to read.