The Road
This is almost exactly as i imagined.
January 2010.
Not sure i can wait that long.

reading: let the right one in

white mike

Twelve is one of my all-time favourite books and it's being adapted into a film.
Pretty exciting i thought.
That was until i read the cast list and much to my dismay it well and truly blows.
Three of the main parts are being taken on by Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl pretty boy fame, Emma 'i wouldn't have a career if my aunt wasn't famous' Roberts and best of all, best of freakin' all, 50 Cent.
And this is to name but a few of the useless hacks about to obliterate a book i love!

I hate when this happens.

beatles - while my guitar gently weeps

down river

Cage the Songbird
Sweet Suburbia
Stray and Vanish and Return
I Was Born and Not Very Much Was Said About It

very safe but very all alone

There has been a significant lack of my work on this neglected little blog of mine.
This is mostly due to the paralysis that even the most fleeting thought of the ever looming last year of university causes.
Take 'terrified' and jump up about a billion steps and you've got me.
Anyhow, i forced myself to draw today. Not long but long enough to kill some of the fear. I was going to finish this but as it is becoming significantly clear, i just don't do that. Unfinished drawings. More potential. Leonardo da Vinci said that. Or maybe Michelangelo. I forget.

This is currently my favourite page from my sketchbook.
I like the bittersweetness of a statement like that.

watching: dawson's creek

king rat

Modest Mouse - King Rat (International Version)
It's a shame Heath Ledger never got to finish directing this little piece of wondrousness.
Modest Mouse never fail to surprise