not with a whimper but a bang

Jousting With Dracula
These lovely boys used my artwork for their debut EP - which is pretty smashing by the way - and have plastered it all over Glasgow on posters for all the world to see. So incredibly bizarre.
But i'm pretty stoked, i've always wanted my work involved in music, especially good music.
So go see them play and purchase an EP while you're at it. They make lovely sounds.

watching: when harry met sally

there's a possibility

Ivan Puig
Perception is an artist's plaything.
We can screw with your head as much as we like.

and stretch!

For the love of all that's cute and fluffy.

jason stackhouse

My new televisual hero.
Even if i didn't like True Blood, i'd watch it for him.
Funny hick.

all my life

Ridding ponds of their annual stock of decaying leaves is not a fun job at all.
And we have five!

I don't think anyone on the planet hates Dave Grohl or even mildly dislikes. It's pretty hard to loathe someone so damn nice and is responsible for some of the best, iconic music of his genre.
However, the Foo's new song, 'Wheels', taken from their Greatest Hits is heartbreakingly reminiscent of, dare i even mention them on my blog, Nickelback. Very sad, very sad indeed.
I hope Mister Grohl gets back to the likes of Monkey Wrench, Learn To Fly and Stacked Actors for his next venture. One of which being his supergroup collaboration with Josh Homme and John Paul Jones, to form Them Crooked Vultures - awesome name and artwork to boot.

I've got a strange relationship with music right now. It used to be the thing i loved most of all, over books, films and even art but for the past year or so it's left me cold. I don't really have the energy to search it out anymore because after trying for so long and only discovering a couple of bands that i truly, truly love, it's all just a bit too disappointing.
Maybe it's that current music isn't quite hitting the mark for me or that it's all just a bit too easy for musicians to get signed these days and we're being overrun with mediocre crap.
I'm finding it all a bit sad but i do find things. Eddie Vedder's soundtrack to 'Into The Wild' is incredible, Thomas Feiner's 'The Opiates' is a piece of genius, Bon Iver i've loved the minute i discovered him on a free cd - i treasure free cds - a while before his landmark performance on Jools Holland. But it's not enough. I crave music but i'm just not getting it right now. In any sense.
What makes it worse is the disappearance of the music store. I'll be distraught the day cds disappear. One of the most enjoyable things to do is spend hours in a music store, rifling through countless genres of music and happening across miniature wonders. FOPP is the last remaining place that happens for me but i barely go since its disappearance from Dundee. A sad day for my buddy Sinead and I. It doesn't happen on the internet, yes there are suggestions of what you may like but there's no happy accidents. It's all just a bit too easy.
I think i'll spend some time with the oldies, de-clutter my LP player and get back to basics with my parents' record collection.

Dave Grohl reaffirmed my love for him on Jools Holland last night whilst playing Times Like These and with his acoustic performance of My Hero for the massively annoying Fearne Cotton.
Watch Jools on Friday for Erik Mongrain's performance. Another of the treasures i've found and refused to tell people about. Weirdly protective of the music i find.