i made the law

Calvin and Hobbes know all.

heart strings - jose fernandez


My day contained two spectacular things
Hands down the best movie i've seen in at least two years.
Maybe even three.

And Jon Stewart with his chin in a tub of Fluff.
He keeps my curmudgeonly ways in check.


Cristina Penescu

All done on scratchboard.
Things like this make my little artist's heart green with envy.
I like all kinds of art but i do always get drawn back into realistic work. I don't seem to be able to help myself. One of my heroes is Caravaggio for goodness sake. And these, even though i'm not a huge fan of animal portraits, are just about perfect realism.
Fur baffles me.
I think i'll be trying to get hold of some scratchboard pretty soon.


If this blog were a pet, i'd be put away for neglect.
I did learn to knit while i was away. It gives me sore thumbs and itchy fingers.
But i like it.
My former class graduated from DOJ with their honours - congratulations everyone! - a very strange feeling, indeed.
We had to give away our Mollies due to them breeding like demons.
And my computer nearly died - touch wood it does not.
I'll get back to this properly when my brain is less tangled and incoherent.

For now, Bombay Bicycle Club covering John Martyn:

bombay bicycle club - fairytale lullaby

My parents used to sing this to my sisters and I when we were tiny little things.
I believed wholeheartedly that they had written it for us.
Until Mr Martyn proved me wrong.
I grew up listening to the best music.

animal arithmetic

Seriously bad blogging. It's more blog bombing than anything else.
But i had to post something about Jónsi, seeing as he's monopolising all my listening time right now.
I think like everyone else with an iota of feeling, i instantly fell in love with Sigur Rós the millisecond i heard them and until then i wasn't sure i could love anything of it's kind, more. But i do, it feels wrong saying it, almost like cheating on them but i fell in love harder with 'Go' than i ever did with Sigur Rós' repertoire. Saying that, 'Go' is like listening to the manic depressive embodiment of Sigur Rós finally letting go of their demons. And that really is as lovely as it sounds.
Therefore, i must draw a line between Jón Þór Birgisson's two musical ventures because they're both too bloody beautiful to compare.
Enough blithering, have a listen:

Jónsi - Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.

the soft beating

Songs of the week:
The Antlers - Kettering
Miike Snow - Black & Blue
Ramona Falls - Russia
Phoenix - Lasso
Bear In Heaven - Ultimate Satisfaction
Gene Vincent - Be-Bop-A-Lula
Bombay Bicycle Club - Dust On The Ground
Plan B - Stay Too Long
Band of Horses - Compliments
Matt Duke - Sex and Reruns
Little Richard - Long Tall Sally
George Balanchine's The Nutcracker - Act II: Sugarplum Fairy

My sister bought me a gerbera two weekends ago and it's still alive!
I've never looked after anything living before, well, not anything that didn't have whiskers and the vocal capacity to deafen you due to their desperate need for food/attention/your seat.

if only, one of us, had the guts tonight

roy orbison - i drove all night

I lack words lately.
Spring does something to my endorphins.
Shiny happy fits of rage.

halcyon days

Do i really need to say anything?

Thank you Benign Objects for bringing this into my life.

stevie wonder - we can work it out

maybe lately

miracle fortress - have you seen in your dreams

replica sun machine

It's 6:54pm and the sun is still out.
Nothing nicer.

the postal service - recycled air

swimmin' with the wimmin'

Aron Wiesenfeld
Anastasia Ugorskaya
Tender Letters
Timothy Hon Hung Lee
Anne Kathrin Greiner

le loup - breathing raptures

summertime clothes

Clearing out my camera

just blue

I'm trying, unsuccessfully, to choose a colour for my room.
In the process I created a little alter to the colour chart gods.
Needless to say, the aforementioned gods are spiteful and mean and have not helped me choose a colour yet.

I'm severely temped to repaint it blue. A better blue. A less grey, depressing blue.
It is my favourite colour after all.
Something like this:
But another part of me wants a drastic change in the shape of raspberry red walls because of my deep-seated love of the colour maple leaves turn in autumn :
I'm a little stuck.
And the more time the pyramid stays on my wall, the less i want to take it down.

april fools

DA always has a nice wee surprise for us on April Fool's Day.
I'm Team Gaga, which is pretty alright. I kind of love the mental.
I never remember it's April Fool's Day.