the ugly bug ball

Today has been a day of Disney coincidences.
I woke up.
I put on my stupidly cosy Mickey & Minnie jumper, because i've got reptilian blood apparently.
Checked the blogs i follow, to discover the lovely people at DEER BRAINS had been writing about Bambi of all things.
A minor coinkydink, nothing strange.
(I love saying coinkydink)
A few hours later a trailer for Aladdin appeared on the tv - aired on 5ive this Sunday, for all who lovelovelove Aladdin.
Then Pogo started playing his reworking of Alice at me on iTunes!
And my has looked pretty much like this all day, as a result:

I think Disney is stalking me.
Not that i'm complaining.
I can't wait for The Princess and the Frog.

louis armstrong - when you wish upon a star

samuel e. wright - kiss the girl

burl ives - the ugly bug ball

angela lansbury - beauty and the beast

kathryn beaumont - the unbirthday song

I couldn't decide which song!

ps. I just about had a heart attack when i thought i'd deleted my massive playlist on Spotify forever. All praise the 'undo' shortcut.

dust me off

A little advanced warning.
Over the next while i'll be trying to sort out my blog. I'm a little tired of the entire thing, so it'll be getting an overhaul to placate my pissyness.
Therefore, expect a mess.
I know, mostly, how i want it to look but i have this feeling it's only achievable in my head - like most things i want to do.
So this may take a while to figure out and actually format. My procrastination has reached new heights of ludicrous.
For now, i leave you with a duvet cover i can't afford to ship over from the US, (90 pounds worth of material and shipping is a bit too rich for my sleepy blood):

and a piece of music composed by John Murphy for Danny Boyle's stellar film, Sunshine, that i just can't stop listening to:

the city of prague philharmonic orchestra - adagio in D minor

I'm a sucker for a good movie score and has Danny Boyle ever made a bad movie?
Probably, but i'll ignore its existence.

if i had a heart

Quite possibly my favourite part =]

when i grow up

Y'know that squeaky noise kids make when they see something shiny and possibly chewable?
Well, i made that noise when i saw this bed.
Available for all fairytale lovers to salivate over, here

glee cast - somebody to love

sleeping sickness

I think i've gone a little bit blind from looking at my computer screen for too long.

blue notebooks

I'm currently lusting after this little beauty.
I haven't actually read Lord of the Flies but i've always meant to.
The thing is, i don't think i'd actually read this if i bought it. It'd just sit on my shelves and look pretty with all Sam Weber's wonderful illustrations just existing inside being wonderful.
Yes, i am indeed so ridiculous that i'd buy a book just to admire it. But if i had the cash, i'd collect all kinds of books. Rare ones, first edition ones, illustrated-by-artists-i-love ones.
But luckily, i'm but a lowly twenty two year old without a proper job to feed literary needs.
Otherwise, i'd be broke.
My Dad did however, gift me a first edition The Hunting of the Snark and a really lovely copy of The City of Beautiful Nonsense which is over a hundred years old i think.
They make the nerd in me giddy.

See more illustrations here.

max richter - horizon variations

ways and means

Photographs like this always send my imagination into a frenzy.
I'd like to live by a body of water someday, not the sea, but a giant pond - also known as a loch, to those who are not me.
I really miss the 'field that once was' that happily existed right outside my house. They built over it with suburbia and yappy dogs. It makes me sad. I hope we don't build over the entire countryside, i think i'd go stir crazy in the city.
I need birds, fresh air, stars!

state radio - keepsake

I hope everyone enjoyed their christmas and new years, mine were quiet and lovely.
As for 2010, I've got some things i'm wanting to do and i'm determined not to procrastinate and waste the time i've been given before i restart my education. So, hopefully - because i really do procrastinate a lot - i'll be filling my little blog with not just drawings but all manner of expressive things.
My sister said she'll teach me how to knit =]