If this blog were a pet, i'd be put away for neglect.
I did learn to knit while i was away. It gives me sore thumbs and itchy fingers.
But i like it.
My former class graduated from DOJ with their honours - congratulations everyone! - a very strange feeling, indeed.
We had to give away our Mollies due to them breeding like demons.
And my computer nearly died - touch wood it does not.
I'll get back to this properly when my brain is less tangled and incoherent.

For now, Bombay Bicycle Club covering John Martyn:

bombay bicycle club - fairytale lullaby

My parents used to sing this to my sisters and I when we were tiny little things.
I believed wholeheartedly that they had written it for us.
Until Mr Martyn proved me wrong.
I grew up listening to the best music.
martin said...

what a sweet song to have sung to you as kids, my parents were never that cool.

Louise said...

I was pretty lucky in the parent department. My childhood was soundtracked with The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Madness, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Crowded House, John Martyn of course and much, much more.
Then i ruined it in my early teens with 5ive and S Club 7. Oh the shame. Thank goodness The Clash saved me from musical disrepute.

How did your musical development go, mister Lamont?