piano magic


Pitch perfect, in every way.

Jennifer Lawrence, I may adore you as Katniss Everdeen but please do some more movies like Winter's Bone.
You're better than soulless, dollar-plated hollywood trash like X-men.

Listening to: Hugo '99 Problems'


Nadal beaten by world number 100 Rosol?

Couldn't have said it better myself, Mr Addison.

Tsonga, Murray or Roddick for the win!
I'm not fussy.

Listening to: Lights Out Asia 'Running Naked Through Underground Cities'

the fire gang

Remember Labyrinth?
Of course you do, it's one of the best movies of all time and you're not dead inside.

Every element of that film, i adore.
Sir Didymus and his trusty steed, Ambrosius.
The little blue worm.
The fact that the entire forest they venture through is smothered in glitter.
David 'freaking' Bowie in the tightest trousers you will ever see a man adorn.
And to top it all off, a kick-ass soundtrack that yes, i do own and yes, i do listen to when i feel the need to dance, magic, dance.

So, when i spied a handmade Firey on DA today, i nearly imploded.

Designed and put together by Nina Bolen of Feather Heart Creations, you can commission one of these bad boys and have it perching sadistically on your shelves, just lying in wait to pull its head off, which it really does, and terrorise you until you give yours in return.

I'm in.
Now, how to justify this to my bank balance...

Listening to: Engineers 'Sometimes I Realise'

dancing phalanges

Brennan, you're one awesome scientist.

Yet another show my sister got me addicted to.
Especially season three, the duration of which i failed to remember the bad guy's name - Gormogon - so referred to him as Gargamel.

I was close.

Listening to: The American Analog Set 'Hard To Find'

inés efron

Well this just tears your insides into tiny little pieces.



My sister just got me hooked on season 3 of Fringe.
I spent most of watching it not knowing what the hell was going on but any programme that refers to their alternate characters with names like Walternate and Fauxlivia is on a one way ticket to my dvd player.

The addition of Joshua Jackson - officially known as Pacey J. Witter - also helps greatly.

To be clear, the first season is supposed to be somewhat...muddled but it gets better. My sister and reviewers assure me!

Listening to: Rogue Wave 'Salesman At The Day Of The Parade'

i lose myself

quick lamb

Read it.
Watched it.
Fell wholly in love with it.

I wasn't expecting much when my Grandpa forced Cloudstreet into my literature-hungry mits.
I thought it looked like it would be a nice read but little did i know that it was the kind of story i would stay up until 3am, just to read one more chapter of.

I'm a very happy girl when that happens.

And what did we learn ladles and jellyspoons?

Never judge a book by its cover,
For it will judge you with its pages.

Listening to: Tamaryn 'The Waves'

animal shapes

Hideously nerdy things like this make me happy inside.

Listening to: Geographer 'Kites'

young magic

You With Air by Young Magic ☾


Filament (full body) by Patrick Fisher
Using a sharpie.

See more details, here

i am shell i am bone

I Am Shell I Am Bone by gazelletwin


Matt Bouchard

Listening to: Gazelle Twin 'When I Was Otherwise'


If Bowie, Interpol and Arcade Fire had a three way.

Moonface, Yesterday's Fire by wilcow

Did i go and see The Avengers again?
Why yes, yes i did.


I appreciate when a decent vampire movie is made.
We don't want any sparklers here.

I've always had a liking for the bitey blighters, from the seventies-tastic First Bite to Near Dark to BTVS to True Blood etcetera ad infinitum.
Maybe it's something to do with immortality or the fact that they can just be so damn suave, I don't know but if there's something vampire related on, you can bet i'll be watching.
Even the real creepers, which Stake Land most certainly was.
I may like vampire movies but it doesn't mean I don't yelp like a frightened puppy whenever something scary pops out of nowhere.
There may be some hiding behind fingers also.

Congratulations to Connor Paolo for surprising me by not sucking.


Listening to: Madeon 'Icarus'

tan vampires

Tan Vampires - Digital Rot by cmcguinness