I'm an idiot.

I heard At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be) a couple of years back.
Played it somewhat constantly.

But did i realise this was the same band that just released the insanely catchy We Are Young?

I did not.
I worry for my brain sometimes.

when johnny comes marching home

Something about this just kills me.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt
You are what we would call, splendiferous.
Look out for Jen and Barb at the end, they've got something super important to tell you.
Lowest form of wit?
My favourite kind of wit!

Hey look, we have a release date!
Now for Game of Thrones.
Winter is totally coming.

I like to watch things. 
This may have been noticed.

Listening to: Keith Kenniff 'Evening At Eight'


my goldfish stares with watery eyes

into the hemisphere of my sorrow;

upon the thinnest of threads

we hang together,

hang hang hang

in the hangman’s noose;

I stare into his place and

he into mine…

he must have thoughts,

can you deny this?

he has eyes and hunger and

and his love too

died in January; but he is

gold, really gold, and I am grey

and it is indecent to search him out,

indecent like the burning of peaches

or the rape of children,

and I turn and look elsewhere

but I know that he is there behind me,

one gold goblet of blood,

one thing alone

hung between the reddest cloud

of purgatory

and apt. no. 303.

god, can it be

that we are the same?

- Charles Bukowski

Another of Bukowski's, one i love more but is not for prudish eyes:
The Shower

Listening to: Message To Bears 'Mountains'


He makes me want to crawl under a rock and die.
I kid you not.

Armin Mersmann

If you know the name Eskarina Smith without using a search engine, then you are in my opinion, one epic human being.

Listening to: Son Lux 'All The Right Things'


It seems as if i've been trying to see Martin, forever.
I can be forgiven the first 11 years it existed and i did not, but the rest?
Nuh uh.
Bad form.

Romero does a stellar job of forcing you to constantly ask,

Is Martin a vampire, or just a seriously screwed up kid that needs to put away the Anne Rice novels and find himself a nice, somewhat bitey, MPDG?

In that typical 70s, blood-that's-quite-clearly-ketchup, sort of way that he does so well.

The fear of ketchup exists.
I did not know this until about two minutes ago.
Poor saltomaphobians.

Listening to: Delicate Steve 'Redeemer'

make ruby real

Ruby Sparks

Listening to: Small Black 'Hydra'



Damn the reviewers for putting me off seeing this for so long.
Why do i listen to you silly people?

Listening to: Dead Gaze 'Take Me Home Or I'll Die Alone'

candy claws

The kind of music i'd like to drive to,
be driven to.

wye oak

I keep hearing this song everywhere.

First found a few months ago through the Magnificent Dom, it's been lodged in the old brain-box ever since.
Thanks for having splendid taste in music, buddy.

book six

Oh Nathan Fillion, you're a prince among men.

the small print

A Is For Axident
Oliver Jeffers

Listening to: Dan Auerbach 'The Prowl'

nancy babich

There are books i will return to.
Orlando, Brideshead Revisited, Great Expectations.
Not due to a love for the story but because of a lack of connection.

I first read The Catcher in the Rye when i was in my early teens.
I hated it.
Loathed it.

Picked it up again a few years later and fell hard for Holden Caulfield and his placid rage against the 'norm'.

Why did i go back to this book?
I already knew why people hated it so vehemently, but i wanted to know why people loved it beyond reproach.

Thus why i found myself attempting to read Don DeLillo's, Cosmopolis for the second time.
Yes, there's a movie now and yes, i like to read books before the adaptation so i can get really pissy at everything they do wrong.
Hello Francis Lawrence, why did you bastardise one of my most beloved novels?

Unfortunately, i still feel absolutely nothing for Don DeLillo's Manhattan, let alone his frigid lead character.
Maybe that's the point.

I guess this is one i'll come back to, later.

There were a couple of lines in the centre of the story that i'd like to keep hold of though:

'Then came the flower cars, ten of them, banked with white roses rippling in the breeze. The hearse came next, an open car with Fez lying in state at the rear in a coffin angled upward to make the body visible, asphodels everywhere, fleshy pink, the flowers of Hades, where souls of the dead come to find meadowy rest.'

'Yes, they spun on their heads, bodies upright and legs spread slightly, and one of the breakers had his hands cuffed behind his back. Eric thought there was something mystical about this, well beyond the scan of human encompassment, the half-crazed passion of a desert saint. How lost to the world he must be, here in the grease and tar of Ninth Avenue.'

Listening to: True Widow 'I.N.O.'


I'm pretty sure i listened to Chelsea Wolfe's album at least three times today.
The inexplicable buzz of discovering new music is a feeling i could not do without.

it's time to start the music

I have no words to describe how much i love Jason Segel right now.
Marshmallow already had my undying affection but now,
Now it's for keeps.

In contrast, i'm listening to Swedish Metal at 10 to 2 in the morning and it's making perfect sense.

captain freedom

Schwarzenegger, you're a bit epic.
How have i not seen The Running Man until now?
It even ends with a sublimely 80's John Parr song!

Damn my lack of retro cool.
I only managed to see Total Recall last week.
At least i can see how badly Colin Farrell's going to mess this one up with prior notice.
You're no Jerry Dandridge, you loveable, Irish scapegrace.

In keeping with one of my favourite decades, they're remaking Highlander.
One of my all time favourite guilty pleasure movies, with Ryan Reynolds as Connor McLeod.
This is either a stroke of genius or Christophe Lambert will be rolling in his yet to be filled, immortal grave.

The bigger issue, however, is who's going to replace Sean Connery?!

Dear Hollywood, don't mess this up!

Excuse me while i bask in my complete lack of awesome.

Listening to: Black Math Horseman 'Tyrant'


Well, damn.
We didn't win but we put up a bloody good fight,
And lost graciously with tears to confirm the sincerity.

You may have been outplayed at the Wimbledon Final Mr Murray, but you won over the whole of Britain in the process.

It's insane what an underdog can do for a country's loyalty.
Or just mine.
Speaking of underdogs, how awesome were wildcards, Jonny Marray and Freddie Nielsen.

I'm not a sports fan, i swear, i just go batshit for tennis...

To Wimbledon 2013!

Listening to: Barn Owl 'The Darkest Night Since 1683'

74 years

Andy Murray.
A Scotsman.
In the Wimbledon final.

Suck it, Tim Henman.

Listening to: Apse 'Ark'

red hand, green hand

Michaël Borremans

Listening to: Emeralds 'Science Center'


Pequeña bestia.

Just because.

them riggins boys

Taylor Kitsch, i'll forgive you almost anything.
I'll even forgive the epic fail that was John Carter.
But for only three reasons:

The First.
It was hilarious and supplied my sister and i with much ammunition for taking the proverbial.

The Second.

I renamed him Lollop, for he lolloped, was cute as a button and i couldn't quite catch his name.
A theme with movies and myself, methinks.
Sorry about that Mr Burroughs.

The Third and Most Important Reason.
Texas Forever.