The many and wondrous meanings for PPI:

Payment Protection Insurance

Proton Pump Inhibitor

Pixels Per Inch

Parallell Peripheral Interface

Personal Priesthood Interview

Pea Protein Isolate

Pedagogical Psychological Information

Prince of Persia Interface

Pretty Poor Interface

Peptidyl Prolyl Isomerase

Portal Perfusion Index

and my personal favourite:

Paranormal Private Investigator

This is what happens when you perpetually forget the meaning of something,
And ask the internet.

Listening to: Princeton 'Remembrance of Things to Come'


Just when i think the internet can't upchuck anything better at me.
I love you Charming Potato!

Math bugs me though.
It's Maths!

I get necessarily tetchy when it comes to words.

Listen to this album.
It is currently kicking my ass.

lay your cards out

Muesli is quite possibly the best name i have ever encountered for a kitten.

I don't tend to do things on society's schedule.
On anybody's schedule, really.
Things cross my rather rickety path when they do.
This is why i'm only just reading His Dark Materials almost twenty years after it was first published.

So, i pose to you a question.
It's very important.

Am i supposed to want to hit Lyra in the face every time she speaks?

Listening to: Poliça 'Leading to Death'

I haven't listened to anything but the above mentioned band all freaking day.
The best of feelings.


I cannot take credit for finding either of these things.
It was all my buddy Dom.
He's far cooler than i am.

Celebrating your birthday by watching Jeremy Renner kicking people in the face, repeatedly, is my kind of birthday.
The Bourne Legacy is a wholly unnecessary film, you've seen it all before and to be honest, better.

However, i didn't mind one bit.

The Bourne saga has been one of my favourite things to happen in the movies this past decade. Matt Damon rocked it, as did Renner. 
It helps that i have a very vocal crush on both these actors.
Filmically and physically.
To all, i present to you the depths of my shallowness.

So yeah, it's all been done before but who actually gets tired of watching chemically enhanced, seriously pissed off assassins beat the crap out of each other, on and off motorbikes?
Oh yeah, when it involves The Expendables.
Brucey, what are you doing man?
Walk away from the aged, melty-faced action heroes and get your McClane back on.

Listening to: Poliça 'I See My Mother'


I haven't been on Vimeo for years, not until 10 minutes ago having been directed to watch a friend of mine's video.
Hello, Ian Clark.
Still the best late night phone rambler i've ever encountered.

So, i was pleasantly surprised to see that their new log-in page is shiny and colourful.
More websites should do this.

It also reacquainted me with this little bundle of mischief:
Gumball Wars from Scott Thierauf on Vimeo.

Someone send this man to Pixar, immediately!

Listening to: The Echelon Effect 'With a Warmth Inside, I Walk Into the Dark'


Take his mother while you're at it.

by Felipe Merino


by Andy Graulund

And just like that, i'm a year older.

Needless to say, my peter pan complex is twitching furiously.

Listening to: RQTN '1986 - A Son To Concede All'

one day and counting

Steve Caldwell
Tanya Chernova
Daniel Chang
Douglas Bell


by Clickr Bee

This is Lake Louise.
Consider this on my list of future destinations.

Watching: Firefly

alex hopper and marion snow

One week.
Two trashy movies.
And i only loved one of them.
Guess which one.

Battleship, of course.
Tim Riggins and transformer bath toys?
What's not to love.
As i've said before, i'll forgive Taylor Kitsch anything, but this Summer has not been kind to him.
All appendages crossed that Savages brings him better luck in the filmic world.
Or Peter Berg could just resurrect Tim Riggins and give him his very own show.
I could live with that.

And then there was Lockout.
Oh dear.
Oh dear, oh dear.
Having never seen Escape From New York, shameful for a Kurt Russell loyalist, i didn't know that it was basically a poor man's version of the 80s cult classic.
That didn't do it any favours, however.
How do you take Peter Stormare and make him less than thrilling to watch?

You put him in space with bad dialogue, it would seem.

It could have been so much fun.
Guy Pearce being funny?
And nailing it?
Who knew.
He had Stormare's issue though.
Had he been given better dialogue, i'm pretty sure he could have been up there with the quipping, action hero greats.
However, one element was sheer perfection.
Joseph Gilgun, you brought to mind the psychotic, twitching rantings of Robert Carlyle and Gary Oldman.
Be you Woody, Rudy Wade or even this crackpot, Hydell, i shall follow you anywhere.
Well, until the inevitable and saddening demise of Misfits occurs, now that the loveable side of the cast has either moved on or got the sack.

Tv writers hate me.
First there was Being Human.
Then Misfits.
And now Community!

How could you television gods?

Rant complete.
Now to deal with the agony that is my lower jaw.
Wisdom teeth are totems of evil, forged from the wreckage of hell, sent to wreak havoc on my gum line.
But it's sore.

Listening to : Last Days 'Run Home'

bowie on the radio

I'd forgotten about this.

And just because it's so damn good.

Chamomile tea, Captain Mal Reynolds and hiding under duvets.
Is it that time of year again?


Firefly 10th Anniversary Art Print
Colour me desperate for this.

If this doesn't make you happy, then okay, but it should!

strange aftertaste

Short stories.
I'm alternating between F. Scott Fitzgerald, Etgar Keret and Angela Carter currently.
Hopefully some A L Kennedy when my sister digs out her copy and places it into my word-hungry mitts.

I read at least once a day.
It feels essential.
As if my brain will panic if it can't escape into someone else's story for a few hours.
Nobody likes panic-stricken grey matter.
And last night was Angela Carter's turn to soothe the nervy beast.

Whilst reading her short, The Kiss, i came across a word that i needed to know the definition of immediately.
This happens a lot.
I like the Dictionary.
The word in question is


Now, this word doesn't exist.
Ensorcell and ensorcelled do but not ensorcellate.
It would seem that it's a derivative of its origins, meaning to enchant or fascinate, which Angela Carter conjugated to fit her narrative.
Thus, a new word is born.

But it's not in the Oxford English Dictionary.
Which is the Boss of all words collected and defined in one place.
This led me to question how and why a word earns its place in the OED.

Cue my eldest sister.
The English graduate.
Twice over.
Smart cookie.
She's kind enough to answer my many and persistent questions as i fumble my way through the labyrinthine task that is understanding the English language.
So, she pointed me in the direction of this:
For a better view, see here.

It's all rather complicated and takes a significant amount of time for a word to achieve legitimacy but i think it's really rather fascinating.
Because Carter just happened to require a new version of this word, it has the potential to filter its way into everyday use.

That's pretty neat.

A little troublesome, however.
If teenage slang is involved, then i dread the day that, totes or amazeballs makes its way into the dictionary.

Knowledge of the day, achieved!

Now for a song.

6 days and counting.


I love you.

Listening to: Stephen Steinbrink 'Breath Of Fire'


A certain degree of arrogance is required in being an artist.

I lost mine in 2009.
I'm hoping it'll stumble back to me someday.

quarrie franklin

I found this image fairly unremarkable.

Until i noticed it was a vector.

Hear that sound?
That's my mind being blown.

Listening to: Pluramon 'Hello Shadow'

our brother the native


Once upon a time-theory, when alone on the great bed, I found that no sooner had my head left the pillow that I fell wide awake. How far I fell I cannot say, but the light was brilliant all about me and the shrill cries of birds were loud in my ears - so loud, they seemed, that I could not tell whether they were in my brain or whether, all around my head and limbs, they spiralled in a flight too fleet for vision.

I could remember nothing save that I had come out of darkness - a kindly, muffling darkness, a daylight darkness, a summer of sepia, and that I was now in brilliance, the brilliance of night, very thrilling to the bones, where everything seemed diamond clear and
close, frighteningly close, and palpable, stereoscopic and edged, and a kind of dye-like lucency coloured the merest grain of rock - the smallest frond.

- Mervyn Peake
The Weird Journey

Listening to: Gotye 'Bronte'

lost causes

Just some things i found beautiful today.
Timothy Jahn
Gris Grimly
AJ Frena
Alexander Bergström
Andrew Pershin
Melanie Meulenberg

Listening to: Anberlin 'Enjoy The Silence Cover'


So, this was Friday.
And all i can think is,

Again, again, again!

The general public (salute) have been really down on Nolan for his final outing with the winged Christian Bale and i can't for the life of me see why.
Yes, Tom Hardy had somewhat of a bum role.
Especially after Heath Ledger's legendary stint as The Joker.
Bane is a phenomenal character, but in reality, having to emote with only your eyes is something even the beautifully charismatic Mr Hardy couldn't quite deliver.
Lets see if Karl Urban manages with the opposite dilemma in Dredd.

As a friend of mine said, it is a film of funny voices, but i've never actually been bothered by Bale's throaty voice of doom.
It always brings a smile and without it there would never have been the wondrous thing that is Batman Abed.
What a terrible world it would be without him.

Anne Hathaway was unexpectedly epic as Catwoman, something i never thought possible.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt can do no wrong in my eyes and if they decide to delve into the world of Robin John Blake, then i'm all for it if Levitt's involved.
Cillian Murphy stole the show for the two minutes he was in the finale.
This is why i love him so.
Gary Oldman needs no explanation.
Neither does Morgan Freeman.

It looked great.
It sounded great.
I particularly enjoyed it when i felt the score vibrating against my rib cage.
It didn't feel like i had been sitting in a darkened theatre for just under three hours, which is an impressive feat for filmmakers these days.
And the violence was all kinds of enjoyable.

Job well done Mr Nolan.
There was even a happy ending!
The two dirtiest words in cinema.

Listening to: Tim Buckley 'Dream Letter'


We have got to hide all of the sharp objects!

Watch me.

Listening to : Mass Undergoe 'I Dug My Grave and Walked Away'

darren carnall

Darren Carnall

Talented nerds of the world?

Listening to: Jake Bugg 'Lightning Bolt'


Fly, disc of silver, fly!

The sort of thing you hear whilst walking away from my kitchen.

In a superhero voice.

Listening to: Skrillex 'Summit'

element seventy nine

Not smug at all that Andy Murray just pummelled Roger Federer, in straight sets may i add, at the Olympic Tennis Final.

That's what you get for taking the Wimbledon title away from a Scot.

Listening to: Ryan Adams 'The Bar Is A Beautiful Place'


I know, i know.
I've got a Whedon problem.
But it's Joss and Shakespeare.
What better combination could there possibly be?

Listening to: Ryan Adams 'When The Stars Go Blue'


I finally get it.
It's only taken eight years.


It may not make me one of the cool kids,
but i just can't seem to care.

Listening to: Pg.lost 'Yes I am'


15 seconds in.
Another reason why Schmidt is the best one:

This is not crazy.
This is the only reasonable reaction and it's basically the one i had in London when a living statue decided it would make my heart jump into my mouth.

Thanks for that you evil, silver knapsack.

Yup, you read right.

Speaking of Schmidts:
Clarence Schmidt
Woodstock, NY
House of Mirrors
Destroyed by arsonists in ‘68.

Listening to: Kwoon 'Frozen Bird'