hazy haze

If you squint, my new cardigan kind of looks like it has swastikas on the back.
How the hell do you explain something like that?
I think this may need to be altered somehow, if only i could sew worth a damn.
Emily, darling sister...help a sibling out?


Anyone else find this creepy?

Love the Elwes and The Princess Bride through and through but yeah, Westley's weirding me out.


Journey's end in lovers meeting.

The knowingly clever and witty repartee between Shirley Jackson's characters had me rapt from start to finish.

What are fears but voices airy?
Whispering harm where harm is not.
And deluding the unwary
Till the fatal bolt is shot!

- William Wordsworth

Listening to: Kindest Lines 'Hazy Haze'

mr. sandman

Mr. Sandman seems to be one of those songs that i periodically get lodged inside my head and it's always The Chordettes version.
I don't mind, it's a great song, Pat Ballard did a topnotch job on this one but i thought it was about time to look for alternative versions.
Naturally, i had some favourites:

and the best of all:

Nothing like a bit of grungy nostalgia.


This sounds like the bastard love child of the Pixies and Everything But The Girl.
And it works.
Neat, very neat indeed.

A couple more fantastical things.


Quick note:

Mimicking Archer in the previous post's video is a damn fine way to infuriate your siblings.
That's at least three weeks of tormenting right there.
I'm a little sister, this is just what we do, no matter our age.
When i was younger i wanted to do what Richard Friend does.
Who wouldn't want to be responsible for a badass Blade Runner drawing?
The rendering, oh the rendering!

Listening to: Three Blind Wolves 'Sex Is For Losers'


I have the shameful urge to watch Sucker Punch, even though it's a misogynistic exploitfest.
Why must it be so damn pretty?

Archer, you are the boss.


Derren Brown, i implore you to never play with my brain.
Scratch that.
Family, i beseech you to never let him play with my brain.
I'd never forgive you.

I think i uttered the word 'evil' at least a dozen times whilst watching the first part of Apocalypse.
In that situation, real or not, an infected would totally bite me in the first five minutes.
I am the faulty chick that gets pushed out the nest.
So don't do it!

in the morning

I am not getting my hopes up but there may be a small chance that Community will continue its reign of outlandish awesomeness.
A small chance.

It snowed today.
Scotland, my beloved country, you are special.

Listening to: Baby Monster 'Hitchhiker'


I get paid to do this.

I realise the green mushroom has a flat top but it's meant to, that's the displaying toadstool, not sheer idiocy.

Next up:

Tiny, cowering, silhouetted slaves of Sinterklaas.

Window designing is weird.

Listening to: The Moth & The Mirror 'Everyone I Know'


Can't seem to stop listening to Cat Power...

I'd forgotten just how much this song affects me.
When she does it, when Nick Cave does it.
Doesn't seem to matter.
It makes something stiffen inside my ribcage.


There's nothing i want more than a Totoro shaped bed.
Brownie's honour.
Throw some Soot Sprite slippers into the equation and i'm sorted.
Maybe a Totoro onesie to complete the madness?
Too far?
Not far enough?
There are hats as well...

Definitely too far.

Listening to: Cat Power 'I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)'


I was first introduced to Cat Power by a boy named Daniel.
I remember it distinctly because it was one of those moments where a sole person alters your musical world.
The second i heard the first few bars of Good Woman and I Don't Blame You, i was a lost cause.
The melancholy, the wretchedness, the tiny flicker of relief that gleamed through at least once in every song, not to mention her voice.
Oh, to be able to sing like Chan Marshall.
I hadn't loved an album of hers in its entirety for quite some time but her voice always kept me loyal and her last release, Dark End Of The Street EP reaffirmed my unwavering love for her.
So, when she disappeared for around 4 years i was slightly bereft.
The idea that she would potentially never release another heart wrenching song was not something i was ok with.
But she came back and her return is so good i've listened to it at least eight times over already.
Sun isn't at first listen as despairing as her other work, it even borders on sounding cheerful but once you let it sink in, all that misery's still there, it's just taken a new direction, an insert appropriate link here direction.
And i'm really rather on board with that.
Sometimes saying an upbeat, 'screw you' to everything that hurts is far better than wallowing.

I highly recommend buying and listening to this album as much as humanly possible.
Even if you've never thought of listening to Cat Power before, give it a shot, i might just have altered your musical world.

Thanks Danny.

Listening to: Green Day 'Dominated Love Slave'

If youtube fails me, jump to exactly 3 mins 58 into the linked video, it'll make more sense.
Then watch all of it.
So much fun is being had from the knowledge i have learnt from this wondrous Australian.


Eden Log caught my attention at the beginning of the year whilst trawling the foreign film section in Perth's HMV.
A nasty habit of mine that was even worse when Dundee still contained my beloved Fopp.
It gave me Evil, Das Experiment, Casshern and many, many more.
I think most of my university loan was spent in that store.
Shh, you didn't read that.
I miss you Dundonian Fopp, your Glasgow and Edinburgh relatives do not compare.
Come back one day.
I'll give you all my money.

So, i finally got around to watching the afore mentioned movie this evening.
I was excited.
I needed something to occupy my brain and what better to do the job than a subtitled French movie with creeptacular, mutated creatures and a monosyllabic, afflicted lead character?
You'd think so but no.
It wasn't good.
The story was rickety.
It was visually hard to focus on, with it being set entirely underground and with only brief flashes of light to guide the way.
Something about too much darkness in a movie makes my head hurt, it's the same with b&w films, which makes very little sense as i work solely in black and white whilst drawing.
Yet another example of my lack of human prowess.

It did have an unforeseen twist near the end, which i may have missed due to my lack of caring an hour and 20 in but hey, i was bored.
The finale however, made no sense.
It was a Neo, Buffy, Christ situation where only the one has the power to put things right, usually through sacrificing themself in some unnecessary and painful way.
The human race sucks, stop dying for us.
What the sacrifice was for, i can't quite comprehend.
The internet isn't even helping shed some light.
It looked good though, very biblical if you threw some Ridley Scott and Del Toro in there but it would make far more sense as a videogame.

Oh well, perhaps Agnosia will treat me better tomorrow evening.
I think i'm back on a movie kick.

Listening to: White Sea 'Ladykiller (Spirit Animal Remix)'


Diego Fazio

That's a drawing.
A pencil drawing.

Kill me now.

Listening to: Absofacto 'Nobody on the Subway'


This one's for you.

And for a mythical change of pace...

And then there was Wampug...

There are pugs that live in my neighbourhood.
A very manly man takes them for walks.
If my morals were lesser, i would totally steal one...or two...or three or four or all the pugs!

you won't

New loves.

There's something about this painting that hurts my heart.
In a good way.
Cy Twombly
Say Goodbye, Catullus, to the Shores of Asia Minor.


I didn't fall in love with this universally worshipped trilogy.

I think i'm dead inside.

Listening to: Mansions On The Moon 'Athens'


Well this is unsettling.

the gathering gloom

You cannot mess with this song.
I exist because of this band.
I'm sure there was more to it than that but i choose to believe The Moody Blues sealed the deal.

call on me

The second dose of musical goodness to creep its way through my door.
A little annoyed, the corners are bent but it could be worse, the record could be damaged and then i'd be super pissed.
Yes, super pissed.

Dark Shadows was watched last night.
Worse than Alice in Wonderland.
Tim, you're upsetting me.
You may not even be able to redeem yourself with Frankenweenie because i won't be able to watch it without curling up into a sad little ball of pet free existence.
I miss my cats.
Damn you, Burton.
The Nightmare Before Christmas and Batman it is then.

Speaking of Batman, The Dark Knight Rises is released for home consumption on the 3rd of December.
Along with The Bourne Legacy and New Girl.
That's going to be a good day.

Listening to: John Martyn 'Small Hours'

i heard the party

A Midsummer Night's Dream

My mum called me small and feisty this evening.
I'm taking it as a compliment.
If it's alright by Shakespeare, it's alright by me.

Do not listen to this if you are in any way heavy-hearted.
It might just finish you off.

emily rose

Look what came today.
At breakneck speed may i add.
Thank you Love Music, you're the unicorn of music stores.
I've never been very fussed about signatures from bands.
I don't really know what i'm supposed to feel when one scribbles its way into my hands.
The only other i possess is from Jacob's Stories and i think i only keep that because it was from a night at the Reading Rooms i'll most likely remember until i'm teeming with senility, halfway there already.
So i wasn't exactly overrun with excitement when i saw my name on the back of the cd but it was a nice surprise.
I appreciate anyone that doesn't screw up the spelling of my name.
It happens more often than you'd think.

But if you're all about people signing their name for you, the first 25 copies of their vinyl single, 'Parade' will be signed, sealed and delivered to the first speediest buyers.
Available from Amazon.

I'm a walking advertisement.

My copy should be arriving soon, signed or not, it's going straight on my record player.

Apologies for my Stevie Wonderism up there, it couldn't be helped.

Since posting this, my mother has berated me for seeming ungrateful for the time the lovely boys of Three Blind Wolves took to write me a little message of thanks for buying their music.
This wasn't my intention, i'm just particularly curmudgeonly when i don't understand traditions.
My apologies for being the tiniest curmudgeon to roam the east coast of Scotland.
I'll try and curb my ways.

Listening to: Ellie Goulding 'Anything Could Happen - Blood Diamonds Remix'


by Kamalky Laureano

This is quite unbelievably beautiful.
It's a painting by the way.
Unfair, isn't it?

Listening to: Sleep Party People 'Gazing At the Moon'



Out today.
It can be bought here on 7" vinyl and is available for download through iTunes.
Spotify also but be good musical minions and buy yourself a copy.
My order's already in.
My musical crush on these boys isn't subtle, is it?

Listening to: Wild Child 'Pillow Talk'

a little crush

Found this single underneath my bed, along with N'Sync's, Tearin' Up My Heart and Crush by Jennifer Paige.
I was one awesome preteen.
I'll never get rid of these, the searing nostalgic flashbacks are far too enjoyable.

Hey Blogger, what's with deleting my page and post views? Uncalled for.

Listening to: Zulu Winter 'Moment's Drift'

three blind wolves

The ritual taking of the tiny Ikea pencil.
I'm surprised i didn't stab people with it.
Ikea on a Saturday is not something i will revisit, unless dosed with some extremely potent narcotics.

Feel as if i should have heard Three Blind Wolves before now.
Oh well, Dermot gave me a nice introduction this afternoon on the drive home from my above mentioned personal hell.
There was typical west coast Scottish banter, the kind that only Glaswegians can deliver, eponymous sandwiches and a beast of a cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Big Love'.
It makes me want to stop my curmudgeonly ways concerning the radio, they talk too much and listen to O'Leary more often.

He did nearly shatter my brain by playing Susanne Sundfør, however.
Good god she's an ear bleeder.

You can find these talented boys exactly 1 hour, 19 minutes and 39 seconds into Dermot's show.
Have fun listening to him manhug the hell out of them.

Listening to: Fleetwood Mac 'Big Love'


Oh, the joy this causes me.

leaving is not enough; you must
stay gone. train your heart
like a dog. change the locks
even on the house he’s never
visited. you lucky, lucky girl.
you have an apartment
just your size. a bathtub
full of tea. a heart the size
of Arizona, but not nearly
so arid. don’t wish away
your cracked past, your
crooked toes, your problems
are papier mache puppets
you made or bought because the vendor
at the market was so compelling you just
had to have them. you had to have him.
and you did. and now you pull down
the bridge between your houses,
you make him call before
he visits, you take a lover
for granted, you take
a lover who looks at you
like maybe you are magic. make
the first bottle you consume
in this place a relic. place it
on whatever altar you fashion
with a knife and five cranberries.
don’t lose too much weight.
stupid girls are always trying
to disappear as revenge. and you
are not stupid. you loved a man
with more hands than a parade
of beggars, and here you stand. heart
like a four-poster bed. heart like a canvas.
heart leaking something so strong
they can smell it in the street.

- Marty McConnell
Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell

Listening to: NewVillager 'Cocoon House'


And this is why i bloody love him.


The kind of light you only see in Autumn
and the zombies that live outside my room.
It's a challenge getting down the hall without bite marks.

Listening to: Little Scream 'Black Cloud'


Sore throat and the sniffles.
I do believe the end of year bugs are staging their first attack on my useless immune system.

Beautiful new work from Dark Dark Dark.


Caught this last night on Channel 4's Random Acts.
Sometimes lame.
Sometimes supremely awesome.
But most of all, what the hell are we going to do without our pockets?!

Listening to: Langhorne Slim, The War Eagles 'Tipping Point'


This is what happens when you let me near Waterstones and Fopp.
I wasn't even halfway finished.
Nicely played, Glasgow.

Two things i learned today:

Laffy Taffy.
Do not eat this.
It is wrong.
Like a Sour Apple Chewit gone insipid.

When leaving Stanley there is a house and i wish it to be mine.
The Dream House List has reached double figures.

Oh, and Entourage is a terrible show.
It's what i imagine a lobotomy would be like.
Do not watch it.

Listening to: Lia Ices 'Bag of Wind'


Tom Bennett
You Were A Mistake

Listening to: The Donkeys 'Kaleidoscope'


I don't know why i wish i had my very own Jason Ritter.
Maybe it's that his dad dosed him with awesome.
Perhaps it's that he's in one of my favourite unconventional love stories.
Or even because of his role in my guilty pleasure show.
I don't know.
All i do know is i get a little happy inside everytime he appears in an episode of Parenthood.

This calls for some Gravity Falls.
Which is a gateway animation to Bob's Burgers.
Kristen Schaal, you belong in my pocket for you are made of cute and sublimity.

Listening to: The Cave Singers 'Outer Realms'


I love rediscovering this song.
It never stops being perfect.


Listening to a herculean number of renditions of Jolene seemed the only reasonable way to spend the small hours of October the fifth.
Some of my favourites:

Why is chewing gum a good idea for only 20 seconds and then yuck occurs?
Major life conundrum, right there.

If you just saluted, physically or mentally, you are a god and i adore you.

when the devil's loose

Please excuse the music bombing.

But get used to it.

the twist

I need to sleep but i can't seem to move.
I think my knees are comatose.
This is unnecessary information.

You're welcome.

buddy elson

I don't know why i avoided her for so long.

horn and hardart

To a certain Care Bearish Dom and Ian of Clarkinshire

Thanks for being champs.
You make a girl smile when she needs it.

Here's a couple of things to make everybody happy:

Hardart, the bearded one, makes one of a few particular noises that can always reduce me to fits of unabashed glee.
If i'm angry at you, make this noise, i'll be helpless.

Listening to: Fool's Gold 'Balmy'


You've heard it before.
So have i.
It's good though, isn't it?

Listening to: Connan Mockasin 'It's Choade My Dear'

no bold villain

Bendyball Cumberquat, thank you for keeping me wholly entertained throughout the weekend.
I'm sorry i haven't watched the second season of Sherlock until now.
Disgraceful, i know.
But i need you and Mr Freeman to stop messing around with Peter Jackson and do some proper work...preferably now.

Damn you, i need more.

This song right here, it's crushing me but i daren't stop listening.
Only the best of songs are worth the ache.