call on me

The second dose of musical goodness to creep its way through my door.
A little annoyed, the corners are bent but it could be worse, the record could be damaged and then i'd be super pissed.
Yes, super pissed.

Dark Shadows was watched last night.
Worse than Alice in Wonderland.
Tim, you're upsetting me.
You may not even be able to redeem yourself with Frankenweenie because i won't be able to watch it without curling up into a sad little ball of pet free existence.
I miss my cats.
Damn you, Burton.
The Nightmare Before Christmas and Batman it is then.

Speaking of Batman, The Dark Knight Rises is released for home consumption on the 3rd of December.
Along with The Bourne Legacy and New Girl.
That's going to be a good day.

Listening to: John Martyn 'Small Hours'