emily rose

Look what came today.
At breakneck speed may i add.
Thank you Love Music, you're the unicorn of music stores.
I've never been very fussed about signatures from bands.
I don't really know what i'm supposed to feel when one scribbles its way into my hands.
The only other i possess is from Jacob's Stories and i think i only keep that because it was from a night at the Reading Rooms i'll most likely remember until i'm teeming with senility, halfway there already.
So i wasn't exactly overrun with excitement when i saw my name on the back of the cd but it was a nice surprise.
I appreciate anyone that doesn't screw up the spelling of my name.
It happens more often than you'd think.

But if you're all about people signing their name for you, the first 25 copies of their vinyl single, 'Parade' will be signed, sealed and delivered to the first speediest buyers.
Available from Amazon.

I'm a walking advertisement.

My copy should be arriving soon, signed or not, it's going straight on my record player.

Apologies for my Stevie Wonderism up there, it couldn't be helped.

Since posting this, my mother has berated me for seeming ungrateful for the time the lovely boys of Three Blind Wolves took to write me a little message of thanks for buying their music.
This wasn't my intention, i'm just particularly curmudgeonly when i don't understand traditions.
My apologies for being the tiniest curmudgeon to roam the east coast of Scotland.
I'll try and curb my ways.

Listening to: Ellie Goulding 'Anything Could Happen - Blood Diamonds Remix'