I get paid to do this.

I realise the green mushroom has a flat top but it's meant to, that's the displaying toadstool, not sheer idiocy.

Next up:

Tiny, cowering, silhouetted slaves of Sinterklaas.

Window designing is weird.

Listening to: The Moth & The Mirror 'Everyone I Know'
Alex Ashman said...

what wonderful job is it that lets you do this?? (not jealous at all) :) x

Louise said...

It's a part-time gig for my rentals optometrist practice. It's so nice of them to pay me to make fantastical windows that have very little to do with spectacles but are shiny and colourful! Maybe Anthropologie will give me a job, that would be sweet :)


Alex Ashman said...

That would be pretty sweet - but making pretty mushrooms for money is always good :) I envy you. This week i have been mainly illustrating power point slides - * riveting*.

Hello to you too! how is life with miss Louise? What are you up to? x

Louise said...

Power point was always one of those programmes that was trying to end my sanity for some reason. I envy your skill with computers! They never do what i tell them to do. I've actually made one explode idea how! Is there a secret? Do you talk to them softly and promise them extra memory if they behave themselves? There must be a trick!

Life is not too shabby, still trying to figure out this whole grownup thing y'know? Weirds me out! I envy 6 years olds :) I need to find someone tall enough to hold me upside down and swing me. Loveddd that when i was a kid!

Other than the job, how's the world treating Miss Ashman? How's Boon?!