I was first introduced to Cat Power by a boy named Daniel.
I remember it distinctly because it was one of those moments where a sole person alters your musical world.
The second i heard the first few bars of Good Woman and I Don't Blame You, i was a lost cause.
The melancholy, the wretchedness, the tiny flicker of relief that gleamed through at least once in every song, not to mention her voice.
Oh, to be able to sing like Chan Marshall.
I hadn't loved an album of hers in its entirety for quite some time but her voice always kept me loyal and her last release, Dark End Of The Street EP reaffirmed my unwavering love for her.
So, when she disappeared for around 4 years i was slightly bereft.
The idea that she would potentially never release another heart wrenching song was not something i was ok with.
But she came back and her return is so good i've listened to it at least eight times over already.
Sun isn't at first listen as despairing as her other work, it even borders on sounding cheerful but once you let it sink in, all that misery's still there, it's just taken a new direction, an insert appropriate link here direction.
And i'm really rather on board with that.
Sometimes saying an upbeat, 'screw you' to everything that hurts is far better than wallowing.

I highly recommend buying and listening to this album as much as humanly possible.
Even if you've never thought of listening to Cat Power before, give it a shot, i might just have altered your musical world.

Thanks Danny.

Listening to: Green Day 'Dominated Love Slave'

If youtube fails me, jump to exactly 3 mins 58 into the linked video, it'll make more sense.
Then watch all of it.
So much fun is being had from the knowledge i have learnt from this wondrous Australian.