three blind wolves

The ritual taking of the tiny Ikea pencil.
I'm surprised i didn't stab people with it.
Ikea on a Saturday is not something i will revisit, unless dosed with some extremely potent narcotics.

Feel as if i should have heard Three Blind Wolves before now.
Oh well, Dermot gave me a nice introduction this afternoon on the drive home from my above mentioned personal hell.
There was typical west coast Scottish banter, the kind that only Glaswegians can deliver, eponymous sandwiches and a beast of a cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Big Love'.
It makes me want to stop my curmudgeonly ways concerning the radio, they talk too much and listen to O'Leary more often.

He did nearly shatter my brain by playing Susanne Sundfør, however.
Good god she's an ear bleeder.

You can find these talented boys exactly 1 hour, 19 minutes and 39 seconds into Dermot's show.
Have fun listening to him manhug the hell out of them.

Listening to: Fleetwood Mac 'Big Love'