Eden Log caught my attention at the beginning of the year whilst trawling the foreign film section in Perth's HMV.
A nasty habit of mine that was even worse when Dundee still contained my beloved Fopp.
It gave me Evil, Das Experiment, Casshern and many, many more.
I think most of my university loan was spent in that store.
Shh, you didn't read that.
I miss you Dundonian Fopp, your Glasgow and Edinburgh relatives do not compare.
Come back one day.
I'll give you all my money.

So, i finally got around to watching the afore mentioned movie this evening.
I was excited.
I needed something to occupy my brain and what better to do the job than a subtitled French movie with creeptacular, mutated creatures and a monosyllabic, afflicted lead character?
You'd think so but no.
It wasn't good.
The story was rickety.
It was visually hard to focus on, with it being set entirely underground and with only brief flashes of light to guide the way.
Something about too much darkness in a movie makes my head hurt, it's the same with b&w films, which makes very little sense as i work solely in black and white whilst drawing.
Yet another example of my lack of human prowess.

It did have an unforeseen twist near the end, which i may have missed due to my lack of caring an hour and 20 in but hey, i was bored.
The finale however, made no sense.
It was a Neo, Buffy, Christ situation where only the one has the power to put things right, usually through sacrificing themself in some unnecessary and painful way.
The human race sucks, stop dying for us.
What the sacrifice was for, i can't quite comprehend.
The internet isn't even helping shed some light.
It looked good though, very biblical if you threw some Ridley Scott and Del Toro in there but it would make far more sense as a videogame.

Oh well, perhaps Agnosia will treat me better tomorrow evening.
I think i'm back on a movie kick.

Listening to: White Sea 'Ladykiller (Spirit Animal Remix)'