This is how my internet tabs look right now.
I genuinely hadn't realised, or perhaps just hadn't acknowledged before, that i bloody love trashy horror movies.
I mean honestly, Leprechaun?

I must be defective.

In music, however i am certainly not.

Unless Rick Astley or Hanson are around.
But screw that, i refuse to have musical shame!

Listening to: Alex Collier & The Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra 'Dance Foyer'

rare book room

It's like he crept inside my memories, pulled out all the hurt and shaped it into something i could love again.
I don't know how he does that.
And i didn't know i could love this song any more.


by Paul Ruiz

Listening to: Simon & Garfunkel 'El Condor Pasa (If I Could)'

burying davy

I have no idea what this blog is for anymore.

The frenetic findings of a curmudgeonly hermit with the worrying habit of typing whatever comes into her head and making it public?


If you happen to be in Tesco, search these out.
They are made of nom.

Listening to: The Decemberists 'Burying Davy'

disco ewok

Apparently, when you wake up your brain has the capabilities of a drunk person.

I don't find that hard to believe, even though i've pretty much forgotten what being drunk feels like, as i gave up the no-no juice a good few years ago because alcohol tastes of wrong.

Boring, huh?

Well bite me, for my liver wears a dapper hat and performs a happy dance at least four times a day!
So there.


Watching Russell Howard's, 'Right Here, Right Now' whilst running on 5 hours sleep is an immensely good idea.
Let's just say, the term 'Disco Ewok' had me in a painful state of glee.
He actually caused a headache.
Does anyone else get that?
Or am i just cursed with a delicate i.e. pitiful brainbox?

Also, is there anything more perfect than this:

Err, hello Christmas present givers, i'd like this please.

FAO: Ian Clark

Fly safely. Don't bring back any western diseases. Smuggle a snowglobe through customs for me?

Listening to: Mansions On The Moon 'Rest of Your Days'

love ridden

Miss Apple, you're breaking my heart.
This is a feeling i know well, having lost all four of my cats over the last few years.
If you have animals, you'll know they come to mean much more than most people who enter your life can but dream of.
Even when they attack your feet under the duvet while you're sleeping.
Or bully you out of your chair with the saddest eyes you ever did see.
They're still miniature heroes you refuse to live without.

If i had a tour, i'd cancel it too.

i bet on sky

One of my most treasured bands, still doing me proud.

Listening to: I Break Horses 'Load Your Eyes'

tommy lee who?


It's taken me five days to notice this.

I distinctly remember telling my brain that it was Jones, not Miller when i was writing that post.

And yet.

dottie and joe

What the hell?
I can't tell if Killer Joe was magnificent or just dangerously unhinged.
Definitely both.
Juno Temple and McConaughey nailed it.
I already knew Temple could act her socks off but McConaughey hasn't done anything sublime since A Time To Kill and he was truly and believably, bloody terrifying.
I will never look at a chicken drumstick the same way again.
And the ending!
Oh my goodness the ending.
Watch this, perhaps not with another living being but most certainly watch it.
The finale alone is worth it.

Listening to: Dinosaur Jr 'I Know It Oh So Well'


I don't know why but i just really want to see this movie/s.
I think there's something wrong with me.

Listen to this:

It's bloody lovely.


As if i didn't love him enough, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame has collaborated with LA based shoe company, Keep to produce the above sneaker.
Part of the proceeds will go to the Best Friends Animal Society, the largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals in the country.

I'm going to be needing a pair of those.
Herringbone, Bon Iver and rescuing animals, what's better than that?
It's also cool if the cat's part of the deal, i welcome fluffy stowaways with a fondness for footwear.
My little Dizzy used to appropriate my slippers as pillows.
Maybe it's a ginger tom thing?

Mister Vernon, you're a true gentleman.
Even if you have just made me miss my cat terribly.

It's completely typical that i check whether he's playing in Scotland anytime soon, five days after he's been and gone.
Epic fail.

Listening to: Beacon 'Freakin' U'

molly wagger

"Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off--then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can."

- Herman Melville
Moby Dick

I feel like methodically knocking people's hats off far too often.
Except i couldn't go to sea after i was through.
It's too big and full of bitey things.
I realise i'm nuts.

Pinterest is making me hungry.


It sucks when you're minding your own business and then suddenly a piece of music smacks you in the face, reminding you of things you'd rather forget.
Neuralyzers should exist.
I enjoyed watching MIB3 last night.
It surpassed the second instalment by miles and reminded me why Will Smith is always worth a watch.
He exudes charisma and isn't a bad actor at all.
Then there's Josh Brolin and his magnificence.
As my sister said, "He did a better job of being Tommy Lee Miller than the man himself!"
Wise girl, she is.
And i'm Yoda, pleased to meet you.

Listening to: Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross 'Black Sun'


by Jared Meuser

This made me immensely happy when i saw it.
I think it's because it reminds me of my sister.

Listening to: Warm Ghost 'An Absolute Light'

puppies and zombies

My sister just walked into my room and forced me to watch this video:


Damn her.

As if i wasn't desperate enough for a puppy.
Now i'm stuck in an infinite youtube puppy loop.
Yup, i'm one of those people and i don't give one single bit of a damn.
Puppies for the win!

On a completely antithetical note, i must see World War Z.
Those are the fastest freaking zombies i've seen to date!
But should i read the book first?
A better question, 
Should i be allowed to spend more money in Waterstones after the bookfest i just indulged in over the last two weeks?
I vote...absofrickinglutely!

That's the wrong answer, isn't it? 

Listening to: Lesands 'Restless Lover'

fast as you can

Chris Thile, Fiona Apple and Jon Brion?
Playing a song i adore?
If this video wasn't right up there, i wouldn't believe it was real.
Too bloody good.

I might love him and his crazy, skilful hands, just a tad.

I can't quite remember when i first heard this cover but it sparked my adoration and consequently led me to listen to Thile's latest musical outing, Punch Brothers.
Couldn't love them more.
Rather judgemental about Nickel Creek, i never gave them a chance, still haven't to be honest but i think i may have to as how i can i fully appreciate Mr Thile without going back to his roots?


Spy = win
I want series 2 now, the now, now, now.

An hour ago i put a t shirt over my shoulder for safekeeping while i did something else.
I only just remembered it was there.
The moment you realise you're ridiculous and quite possibly going senile.

Listening to: Ennui/Love 'Fire/flood'


Ughhh, this live version of Taro is just killing me.
Here's hoping the Mercury Prize Curse doesn't fall upon this lovely bunch.

sister winter

Sister Winter from Simon Filip on Vimeo.

Belated fireworks.
Next year i'm definitely seeing a display, maybe even leg it to America and catch this very show.
I shall not be scuppered.
I miss the scolding ash in my eyes.

Listening to: Blood Diamonds 'Ritual'

how i remember you

Socar Myles
Jeremy Stroup
Stephen Burger
Mia Araujo

Listening to: Future Trends 'How I Remember You'


One of those movies that isn't really very good but i count as an all-time favourite.
It helps that the score by Orbital is so damn good and Jonathan Rhys Meyers' presence of course.
He'll always be the definitive Steerpike in my book, it doesn't matter if anyone outshines him, he's who i see when i read the Trilogy.


And who shall be watching this on Sunday at exactly 10:35am?
That is I.
Which really means i'll record it and watch it at about 2 in the morning because my body clock is backwards and owlish.
And will i be wearing my Snarf t-shirt whilst revelling in my childhood refreshed?
As if i need to answer that.

Listening to: Mumford & Sons 'The Boxer'


Today was Halloween appropriate pyjamas,
silly hats, hipster spectacles
and renting godawful movies.

My gut instinct was Evil Dead but my insides are stupid and easily swayed by just about any vampire movie in existence.
I think a horrorfest is in order tomorrow evening to make up for such poor All Hallows' Eve viewing.

I can't watch the dismembering scene in 127 hours but i'll joyfully watch creepy supernatural beings get their gore on.

Listening to: The Lumineers 'Stubborn Love'