Renamed 'The Gospel According To Vic' in the US for some bizarre, unknown reason.
I can't even think of a logical reason why they would change it...
Oh well, it doesn't spoil this inexplicably lovely piece of filmmaking.
Tom Conti, Helen Mirren, Glasgow and a wild amount of banter?
Now that's a fine amalgamation of awesomosity.
(The latter is not a word but i'm sleepy and couldn't think of a proper, appropriate word to use. Do not judge me.)

I now see why this is one of my Dad's favourite films.
Plus, Tom Conti is an all-time legend. 
End of.

Fun fact:
Charles Gormley, the director, was an optometrist from Glasgow (well, the outskirts, specifically Rutherglen), just like my Dad.
I find this kinda cool. 

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