quaid hauser

Okay, so it was a little long but why were all the reviewers so scathing about this remake?
It's shallow, like the original.
It's violent, like the original.
It's got a lead who is by no means a wonderful actor but has enough charisma to pull off the role, like, yes you guessed it, the original!
I don't know, perhaps it's just film geeks being overly precious about a much loved 90's movie, which i totally get.
I love it myself and can rant with the best of them when a badly scripted, unnecessarily altered remake is chugged out of the moviemaking machine, for example Mister Farrell's bash at Fright Night which was beyond disappointing...but this wasn't bad! 
Maybe it's my love for Farrell and flying cars, or whatever but i'll watch this again quite happily.

Plus, i'll never get tired of people punching Kate Beckinsale in the face.

Listening to: Liam The Younger 'By The Pines'