I can't quite put my finger on who Tammar sound like exactly.
There's definitely a lot of Jesus and Mary Chain in there, with the drone of The Smiths and the mid-80s sound of Simple Minds.
But there is a band.
A very particular band that Tammar sound like and i can't get my damn brain to locate them.
What a dazzling display of grey matter failure.
Senility, be gone!

Maybe some early U2?

Listening to: Tammar 'Emily's Army'
Anonymous said...

I just had to listen to some of their songs after reading your description of them.

You really do make my days come alive.

Louise said...

Honoured to know my obsessive over-analysis of bands is beneficial to someone other than myself and my sanity.

If you find the missing link within Tammar, do tell. I'm still suffering with the ignorance of this elusive band!