belair boardwalk

In all honesty, i know very little about cameras.
Even after a course in high school and 4 film rolls later which my teacher destroyed because he's the type of moron that teaches photography and yet still exposes raw film to light - i'm not bitter about having to retake my photographs AND develop them five times over only for him to give me a less than satisfying grade, not at all...what a douche - i'm still lacking in the necessary knowledge to know whether a camera lives up to its looks.
So, when i see a camera i like it's usually a very shallow liking.
Not in any way am i responding to the lens type, film speed and so on and so uninformedly forth.
Basically my thought pattern goes something like this:
Superficial, i know but i don't buy these cameras, i just obsessively drool over them for a while and then get over it or move onto the next shiny object.
The object in question being the Lomography Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter.
Excuse me while i worship this for a good few months.
Good lord it's pretty.

You're all judging me right now, aren't you?

Listening to: Desolation Wilderness 'Boardwalk Theme'