Right this very second, i just finished watching Cosmopolis.
And i think i need to watch it again.
Whilst not surfing the net.
Or letting my attention wander to the mesmerising amount of distance between Pattinson's eyes. 
It's a drawing habit, measuring faces in my head, i can't seem to help it.

Ugh, why does this story frustrate me so?
It's like reading the book all over again.
I seem to glaze over as the very first word is spoken and it pisses me off.

What was unquestionably excellent, however, was the soundtrack.
Howard Shore and Metric did a sumptuous job.
From the opening sequence i was hooked into the sound of it all, if not the rest.
All my attention was plugged into when the next instalment of music would arrive and i relished in every bit of it.
That's something at least.

I'll watch you again.
Maybe tomorrow.
Maybe in a year.
But again.
Definitely, again.

Listening to: Howard Shore & Metric 'Asymmetrical'