bested bones

Two things:
Currently listening to The Maccabees 2012 album, Given To The Wild.
It's just perfect song, after perfect song.
I've always liked them.
Toothpaste Kisses sort of sealed the deal but this just makes me love them unquestionably.
There is not a single millisecond of this album that i do not feel in my bones and those albums are rare.
I treasure the ones i find.
For an example of this, see Thomas Feiner & Anywhen, 'The Opiates'.
I can't think of a word worthy enough to describe that album.
It's that...well, indescribable.

For those already as devout as i am to Feiner, there are two new songs available for download on his website.
Bested Bones is just killing me.
Let it kill you too.

Listening to: Thomas Feiner 'Many Names'