dens sapientiae

Look what i just found.
This makes me sad.
I was so close to a £10 Waterstones giftcard.
Stymied by time, once again.

Currently, i am watching the third episode of Utopia and 2 minutes in, i made this noise.
Now you have to watch it, otherwise you'll never know why.
I'm a bitch, la la la. 

I sketched this out a couple of years ago when my wisdom teeth first decided they would wage full scale warfare against my gums.
Today, i think they were setting off grenades.
I cannot smile, i cannot eat on the left side of my mouth, brushing my teeth is tremendous fun and my sister, of all days, decided today was the day to be really funny. 
My jaw is an unhappy jaw.

On second viewing, Lawless was kind of awesome.
Muddled but awesome. 
I'll say it.
I was wrong.
And no, it didn't hurt.

Watching: Utopia