eddie brown jr

A glutton for punishment.
I read the title story of this collection of shorts by Craig Davidson last night after wrecking myself with Andrew Kaufman's efforts earlier.
But Davidson's subtle way of entwining the past and present is so gracefully done that i could forgive the sad feeling i felt in my chest, even this morning.
As far as i know, these are violent stories and Rust and Bone certainly was but with every blow there was a softness. Davidson delicately and ever so gently breaks your heart as the story unfurls to its inevitable but not predictable end.
It's not often writers have the balls to do that anymore and i appreciated the kindness.

I hope the film manages to do these stories justice and interweaves them together with the same elegance as Davidson.
Well, they better have or i'll be severely narked.

Listening to: Delerium, Sarah MacLachlan 'Silence - Tiesto In Search of Sunrise Remix'