I dare you to find me a film with the same measure of grace, humour, heart and beauty as Luc Besson's, The Big Blue.
I dare you.

I really need to stop watching/reading/listening to things that chip away at my heart so much, for a while at least. 
I'm a wreck.

Even the score is killing me.
Maybe, especially.
Like most film scores there can be a disconnect.
The understanding between an image and sound that were created as one, that are then separated can't always be understood in their splintered forms and this can sadly lead to some of the most wonderful music being cast aside unless found tethered together.
And in many places this is true of Eric Serra's accompaniment to Besson's creation.
But just listen to Deep Blue Dream and tell me that doesn't make you feel as if submerged in another plane of existence,

Where the water isn't even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in silence.

Tell me i'm wrong.
If you can, then my commiserations because you're missing out on something sublime.

Listening to: Black City Lights 'Collapsing Horizon'