finally boys

Sometimes the photograph that happens by chance is the one i like best.
I consistently get nagged at to close my curtains when it's getting darker outside.

'People can see in!'

But i like to watch the light and when it's entirely dark my room feels more comforting.
Somehow, the empty void that the window becomes makes me feel safer.
If i didn't have an overactive imagination for creepy situations, i would spend far more time outside in the dark.
But alas, i've seen Death Note and the subway scene will haunt me forever.
I'm not telling you how high i jumped.

For some reason they're Americanising this epic movie.
Hollywood really has run out of ideas, hasn't it?
I'll probably still give it a go though, seeing as Shane Black's directing.
Anyone else fall stupidly in love with Val Kilmer after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?
Gay Perry is the boss.
And how freaking good is the trailer for Iron Man 3?

I think i've probably fangirled out enough for one day.
Time for tunes:

Listening to: Shinies 'Pillow Talk'