fresh hell

Holy crap, how have i not listened to any new Azure Ray since their 2003 album, Hold On Love.
I must be defective.
And yeah, i heard this on Revenge, what of it? 
I don't know why i watch it either but i'm completely addicted. 
Stupidly so. 
I need these.
Not to write with.
Don't be silly.

Like just about everyone else, i thought 'What fresh hell is this?' was a line born from Shakespeare but after a quick google search, it appears it should actually be attributed to American author/poet/critic, Dorothy Parker.
She's said to have exclaimed this infamous phrase when her train of thought was rudely interrupted by a telephone call and she answered thusly.
And from then on, this was her official greeting when answering the phone or indeed, the door. 
What a lady.

Listening to: Azure Ray 'Unannounced'