I'm in the midst of a clerical job right now.
A job i can do from my kitchen table whilst watching Luther, but a job nonetheless. 
This isn't just an excuse to adorn my blog with Idris Elba.
Brownie's Honour.
I love this show and i cannot wait for the new series to arrive later this year, hopefully.

At the end of Series One's debut episode, they play Emiliana Torrini's blindingly good song, 'Gun'.

I always forget about this song because Torrini is a tad too whiney for my liking, so i tend to avoid her music like i do social situations. 
This song though, it's up there with some of my favourites.
There's a pulse running through its entirety that you'll feel instantly and it doesn't let go until the song's done with you.
Why can't her music be more like that? 
It makes me grumpy.

On another musical note, i've had this stuck for around three days now.
It's a classic but i'm starting to become slightly unhinged with  it.
Maybe it's my brain's way of telling me to play Guitar Hero
That's definitely it.

Listening to: Dunes 'Handle'