So much love for these two.
Cillian Murphy especially.
Ever since Disco Pigs
If you haven't seen it, then get that sorted, alright?
It's twisted and lovely and needs to be watched.
As i'm about to do after i finish watching Intermission.
It would seem that i really enjoy messed up Irish movies.
Maybe it's the Irish blood in me.
Or the magnificent way they curse. 
Or it may simply be that i'll watch anything with Cillian Murphy in it.
Even crap like Red Eye.
And to think, i almost missed it because i was catatonic on my desk. 
Energy? What is energy? Where does it come from?

Intermission reminded me of a band i loved way back when, which is always lovely.

I listened to their album, 'i' to death. 
So much so that i haven't thought of it in years.
Odd how that happens.
You obsess and then you forget.
Shouldn't it remain?

Listening to: The Magnetic Fields 'I Don't Believe You'