mean tom

How in the world does he manage to be so damn scary in a cardigan?
No-one in the history of ever has done that before.
He's a wizard i tell you.
A very handsome, somewhat terrifying, wool-clad wizard but a wizard all the same!
Saying that, i'm actually pretty disappointed by how discombobulated Lawless was.
With such a stellar cast - minus The Beef, he lost my love when he lost his funny - it should have been a wild film.
Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman...together and all on quality mad bastard form...and it didn't work?
That's just wrong.
So wrong.
Oldman was disgustingly underused to boot. 
I know it was a true story and all but why not add some poetic license and have him team up with Hardy against Guy Pearce's repugnant, skin-crawler of a character?
Now that would have been beautiful.
Opportunity: Fail.
Still enjoyed it however, even if i only managed to decipher every fourth word of the dialogue. 
Filmic Virginians, such mumblers.

Some of the good stuff:
Three Blind Wolves will be releasing their new single 'In Here Somewhere', with 'Kids Allright' as the B-Side on February the 18th.
Happy girl, sitting right here.

Kind of can't stop listening to Teen Mom.

There's so 90s-ish and shoegazey.
What's not to love?

Listening to: Teen Mom 'You and Me'