moon king

Today, Scotland was bathed in sunlight and it made me long for Spring.
Winter's great and all but i want sunny, breezy, cardigan-wearing weather. 
Not six layers and still freezing weather.
Totally over that now.
Bring on unexpected rain showers and gales so strong they knock you back.
Obviously, i'll be partaking in this weather from the inside, like a good little hermit.
I'm going to get rickets. 
For sure.

My photographs are so suburban. 
And yeah, that's Marmite.
But it's special.
That my friends is Gold Marmite.
Which really means glittery, pimped out Marmite but it made my sister practically have a brain spasm due to her love of anything that sparkles.
Part magpie, that one.
So it got blogged!
Reminds me of the Halloween Treacle we had last year:
Packaging is fun.
Simple pleasures.
You know the rest.

Gummy Update:
The wisdom teeth have taken my gums hostage.
They appear to be practicing some form of extremely unfriendly torture on my poor nerve endings until they talk.
Except, they're just gums, they know nothing other than how to feel!
Teeth suck.
I can't open my jaw without flinching beautifully.
I dread the dentist.
Friends got something right:

'Satan in a smock.'

And hey, The Guardian?
Thanks for almost ripping my jaw in two with this beautifully venomous description of Justin Beiber's STD-like introduction to the planet:

'...I haven't really paid much attention to teenywink Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber since he was first hammered into the collective unconscious like a nail of frozen piss into a cabbage...'

Charlie Brooker, i bow down to your wordy greatness.
You're a black belted, poisonous-insult-wielding, character-bulldozing shaman but i like my head intact thanks.
Quit making me laugh.

Listening to: Moon King 'Only Child'