At first, i didn't feel much for Noah Klein (aka. Philip Seymour Hoffman).
It seemed as if he was trying too hard.
From the pseudonym he releases music under, to the titles of his songs, even to the way they sound.
It was all just a little too...fashionable.
But then this song hit me and i needed more.
I needed to know more in fact.
It turns out that his songs are little snapshots of feelings and memories he wants to hold onto and the only way he seems to be able to do that is to record them.
He refers to them as, ' little time capsules for me.'
There's an intimacy, especially present in 'To Evoke The Environment' that reminds me of Bon Iver.
Not their sound exactly but the feeling of being told the most private of secrets and a hushed deal being struck.
A deal that you'll keep Klein's secrets and love and weather them like your own.

I love that.

Listening to: Ditt Inre 'Utan titel'