off to war

On the 17th of January 2013, i woke up to discover two unexpected gifts.
I didn't see this coming.
I didn't even think Armin Mersmann would have any knowledge of my blog - it's so little - let alone take the time to write me such a thoughtful, honest and above all, supportive message.
I think i forget sometimes that i'm not the only artist in the world.
That sounds incredibly narcissistic but it's the simple fact that i live with myself every day, i'm only capable of knowing how i feel at all times and i'm not one to share.
I'll put it all over the internet, however. 
More making of the sense that is not, my speciality.

I regret not talking to my university friends about the feelings of inadequacy that were debilitating me while i was still in education.
They were probably feeling just the same and would not have been able to fix my problems but perhaps then i wouldn't have felt so small and so alone in my situation.
To be a Fine artist in a contemporary art school is not easy, thus why i fled so spectacularly.
This year i'll be receiving my Ordinary Degree, after 4 years of the university kindly holding my space open so i could complete with my Honours.
Which i can do whenever i wish. 
Hopefully they'd reaccept me but i'm not entirely sure DOJ is the place for me.
I'm not even sure if art is the right choice for me and until i know that i won't be returning to any institution of art.
It's really rather hard for someone like myself, who's ultimate goal within university was to receive a 1st and couldn't even bring themselves to start their final year.
It's all i wanted but i was a mess and it shouldn't have been what being an artist at art school was about.
I should have just wanted to create, instead i wanted to win.
Unhealthy but understandable.
I still want that 1st, i think i always will but if i go back to complete my degree, i just want to produce something that touches people.
Something i'm proud of.
But not too proud! 

So, thank you Mr Mersmann
I can't tell you how much receiving your message meant to me and how much it's given me to think about.
Happy Birthday for tomorrow and please keep producing your sublime works of art.
They may leave me timid but they are truly wonderful things to behold.

Also, to anyone who is currently at art school or even doing it solo and finds themselves in the same situation as i, message me if you'd like.
I can't fix it but i can empathise.
With bells on.

My other gift of the day was from my Mum.
It's always nice to wake up to a present, especially when you are utterly undeserving because of the ungodly hour you've finally dragged yourself out of bed to attempt functioning like a normal human being.
I won't tell you the hour but it was pretty bad.
The sun was going back down.
Shame, shame on me.
Thanks Mum.
You may be the only one i have but i still kinda think you're the best one.

Feel free to make barfing noises behind your computer screens at my unabashed soppiness!
I care not!

Listening to: Seamonster 'Bed of Roses'

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Louise said...

She's a pretty cool girl. She's sitting right next to me in fact, mocking my every breath, as sisters do.
We're currently relearning the words to Puff The Magic Dragon...just because.

I was super pissed at Rickman for the 'In Demand' video. Sharleen Spiteri with her filthy mitts all over him. That's called molesting where i come from!
Black Eyed Boy, though.

You so think less of me for Paramore. I can tell. You have to even the score...please?

Chungking Express - Nope. i'm feeling mighty uninformed here.

Dex said...

Sharleen Spiteri was supposed to star in a film being made in Shetland, 'Between Weathers' a remake of 'Local Hero'. It sounded a don't want to slag off a film being made in Shetland...but...y'know.

Bill Forsyth was in Shetland last year for the Shetland Screenplay festival. Yes, we have a film festival. And a book festival. Is it enough to make you get on a boat?

What about The Cranberries? - Actress Faye Wong (who starred in Chungking Express) did a cover of Dreams. It's in the trailer.

Do I sound cool right now? In my head, I sound cool.

Relearning the words to Puff The Magic Dragon...yes, I totally get that.

Louise said...

Dex! We made it to the second page of comments. That has never happened before. I was beginning to wonder when it would happen.
It's lame that i'm so excited about this, isn't it?

I'm listening to Dreams right now and it is and will always be perfection. Linger as well, uchhh i need to listen to more now now now.
Blogged you by the way, feel weirdly special.

I'm jealous of you and your festivals, so they may just be enough to get me on one of those floaty deathtraps but i make no promises. I don't want eaten by underwater creepers :(

You're the coolest. I'm even more jealous of that. You're way cooler than i am but i kinda already knew.

Oh, and you can't remake Local Hero! Especially not with her! Jesus. That's the most frightening thing i've ever heard. Shame on whoever thought up. Shame!

How do you feel about Gregory's Girl?

Dex said...

I'm so sorry Lilly but I have to go to sleep right now. I have an appointment tomorrow morning. Ugh!

But you've made me smile - you know what I'm talking about :) I just wanna give you a hug.

You're not lame, because I'm excited about it too. And I think we've established that I am, in fact, kinda cool. Which makes you cool too, since you're my twin (evil or not).

Gregory's Girl - Clare Grogan played the original Kochanski in Red Dwarf. More thoughts to follow.

And I shall even the Paramore score tomorrow.

Time to sleep-fight some crime.

Louise said...

Crime-fists at the ready!

Good night young padawan. Or am i the padawan? Who knows!

Quiet time now.

Dex said...

Goodnight lovely Lilly. 'Til tomorrow (or even later today).

P.S. - Maybe we're Siths!

Louise said...

"To be a Sith is to taste freedom and to know victory."

Quiet time didn't last very long.

Dex said...

Well, that was a boring morning. I'm gonna recover with a cup of tea and some Lilly blog music.

So, the snow is melting down in Blair?

The Shetland weather is still too miserable for photo taking (getting better though). I really hope the sun comes out before my holiday ends.

So I've been thinking about do you feel about Kate Bush? Does that even the score a little bit? To be honest, I have an inkling that you love a bit of Kate, but I might be wrong. Personal favourites include Wuthering Heights (and I love the red dress video, surely that makes up for something), Running Up That Hill & Cloudbusting.

I can't say the phrase 'personal favourite' without thinking Patrick Bateman.

That and "I the group's undisputed masterpiece". Admittedly, I don't say that quite so often.

Seriously, who wouldn't rather be a Sith. They obviously have a great PR team.

Your William Shatner gif just reminded me that he was in National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1. So was Bruce Willis. Why had I forgotten these things?

Dex said...

I'm sorry Lilly, I never asked how you were feeling today. Okay, I hope.

Louise said...

No need to be sorry. One of the best parts of friendship is the ability to be rude to each other.
I would like to tell you i'm on top form today but in all honesty i feel really quite lousy and funnily enough it has nothing to do with it being 14th.
My head is in a torturous space just now, doesn't want to let me rest. I'm so tired and i do nothing to warrant it. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
How's Dexterous? Be good, i'm sending 'happy vibes' in your general direction, yessum.

Kate Bush - bluchhhhh. To be frank. I only like covers of her songs, bar one and it's actually a collaboration between her and Peter Gabriel. You know the one, 'Don't Give up' and i mostly like it when Gabriel sings. His voice has always given me shivers. 'Grieve' - saddest song in the world...quite possibly. Genesis was a superior band when he was the frontman.

"It's one o'clock and time for lunch.
Bum dee dum dee dum."

Sorry you had a unfruitful morning, Dex. Hope the Lilly music helped some. I have this feeling there's gonna be a lot more over the next few days. I listen to way more music when i'm feeling sorry for myself...the joyful joy of wallowing to the cushioning sounds of spotify and all its offerings.

Cripes, i'm such a sad-sack. Sorry buddy, hopefully i'll gain some more cheer throughout the evening.

What's the plan for the rest of the day?
World domination's kinda tired, how's about some Jenga?

I've noticed something. My typing has improved tenfold since we started this enormous Brobdignagian conversation and it was pretty bloody good to begin with - yes, i'm blowing my own trumpet but it's typing...that's not a very big trumpet.

Dex said...

Where I was today, a woman had roses delivered to her from her husband. I don't like that sort of thing. It makes me grumpy.

But your blog is like a cup of tea, it always makes me feel better. I hope you don't mind the simile.

I'm listening to M83's Outro at the moment, mainly because of Cloud Atlas. The trailer is so good. And you're the one who told me about it, way back down in the depths of this conversation.

What are my plans for the rest of the day? Well, I'm gonna cheer myself up with some American Dad and ice cream (might have to pop to the shops, but it's only 10 mins away).

Don't apologise for feeling down. I like you just the same. But still sending some happy vibes right back at ya!

What are your plans for tonight? Please keep in mind that ice cream and American Dad constitutes a plan in my little world.

Louise said...

Grumpy Dex, don't be grumpy because of roses. They may be pretty but they are the gift of the unimaginative. Now this:

That's how you get a girl. Or perhaps just me.

My blog's like a cup of tea? That's amazing. I couldn't love that more. Thank you, Dex :)

Tonight, i'm watching an abundance of tv, hopefully all channels at once and searching the internet for yet more treasures. Oh god, i'm the most boring person alive. Why, oh why do you talk to me at all?
Actually, don't answer that.

Dex said...


Because who else would I share things like this with.

I think this was the moment my childhood ended:

Louise said...

Finding out Santa wasn't real was nowhere near as traumatic as watching beloved Transformers die. Nowhere near.

How do you feel about the movies?

Dex said...

I've never seen the films, but Transformers was THE cartoon of my childhood, so I just know I'm going to dislike them, if that makes sense.

Lilly, I know this isn't your favourite day, but this is for you. Sadly, it's not on youtube anymore.

Louise said...

Dex, what are you trying to do to me? I'm a puddle of 'aww' right now. When and where did you find that? Are you the font of all Asian anime cult knowledge? You are. I knows it.

Thank you :)

Dex said...

I doubt that I'll prove to be the font of anime cult knowledge. I know my way around, though. That was Only Yesterday (Studio Ghibli).

I remembered that clip and how I felt when I first saw it, and it made me think of you :)

But that's enough sweetness. Here's some first class kick-ass anime action (you played Street Figher, right?):

And here are couple more childhood cartoon favourites:

Louise said...

"My hobby is to slowly peel the skin off the rabbits i catch. Especially cute little bunnies like you."

Aw, so good.

Is it wrong that i'd rather watch the Ghostbusters cartoon, rather than the films? You know i love Bill Murray but...

And i'd completely forgotten about the Peter Pan cartoon. Having a serious acid flashback to childhood here. I'm giving up. You take over my blog. You have better stuff. I'll go on holiday by accident or something.

Dex said...

The Ghostbusters cartoon could actually be frickin' scary.

Cartoons - Lilly, that's all your blog would be if left to my tender mercy.

What about the music? And the art, the links to all those weird & wonderful things (although you did scar me for life today).

Oh yeah, and you. I'd miss you terribly.

But if you want to go on holiday, I can suggest a little island where you'd be most welcome. Just don't travel by boat when the wind is blowing SE. That's my traveller's tip.

Anyway, no more cartoons tonight. Gotta save 'em up.

Time for bed. I'm afraid I'm quite tired. I'd stay up all night with you if you asked me to, though. You do know that, don't you?

Louise said...

I know that now and it gives me a glowy feeling in my chest. I sha'n't ask you to however, i shall follow your lead and force myself to do as the regular folks do. Maybe we'll actually fight some of that crime together tonight!

And okay, i'll keep running the blog but you need to know that if you had one of your own, i'd be completely addicted to it and worship the nerdy ground you post on. Yessum.

Now get thee to bedfordshire!

Ps. Scaredy-cat :)

Dex said...

Time to sleep-fight some crime.

You're always turning up just in time to save the day.

Goodnight Lilly :)

Louise said...

'Til the next time, Dexterous Epistolean.

Ps. Imagine i'm making my best superhero face whilst saying that.

Dex said...

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom...

Just been reading Lonely Planet's list of their top 10 bookshops in the world.

These are places we should explore together.

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

- Mark Twain

That could be us Lilly :) Happy thought for today.

Louise said...

We're the bad guys? Really? I guess that makes sense.
Can i sit at the head of the table?

It does always make me feel better when great people write about things like sleepy consciences. You know how sometimes you feel like you're the only one who could possibly feel something and then it appears in print? One of my favourite feelings, ever. Like being given a literary hug. Do you have a sleepy conscience, Dex?

Makes me a little sad that there isn't a 'greatest bookshop' in Scotland. Very sad, indeed. I am desperate to visit Shakespeare & Company, though. I'd like to work for them for a day, just so i could sleep there overnight, with all the stories. There aren't enough places like that.

Can we visit the George Peabody Library in Baltimore?

Dex said...

I'm not sure who or what I am sometimes. I get very confused by my own personality.

Are you okay, Lilly?

Shakespeare & Company - you'll get there one day.

I'm a velociraptor. They remember.

George Peabody Library - yes, it looks magical. Then again, I said 'yes' to a Bryan Adams concert. I'd probably say 'yes' to anything.

Louise said...

Oh, new fun game! If i was mean, i'd see what else i could get you to do but then you wouldn't broaden my cartoon horizons and then i'd be a sad, sad Lilly.

Am i okay? Yessum. Am i giving off 'not well' vibes?

If you're a velociraptor...what does that make me?
What was Ducky from The Land Before Time? I've been compared to her before.
Google's awesome. She was a Saurolophus. Plant eater. Could move on two or four feet. Rear feet longer than arms.


Well that can't be right. Vegetarian? I crave steak. I am right now!

Why does everything have a Wiki page these days? Is there some sort of conspiracy going on that i don't know about?

Dex said...

I just assume everyone's miserable.

Did you have a set dinosaur top trumps when you were little? Very educational.

Viggo Mortensen in Witness?! WTF. Has Mr. Ford done his singing and dancing yet?

Louise said...

Okay, now i think you're actually the miserable one? What's up Dexterous? Tell your evil other half.

I didn't have dinosaur top trumps but i did have this book:'re_Back!_A_Dinosaur's_Story_(book)

and i watched the kid's show:

and that was apparently all i needed when i was little to think i was a dinosaur genius...ah, youth!

Mr Ford has done his business ands scarpered without the cute wee kid and the sexless Kelly McGillis, which is more understandable.

Dex said...

I'm okay, thanks :) Sorry if I sound a bit like Eeyore sometimes.

"Well, it's good that you're fine and I'm fine. I agree with you, it's great to be fine".

Watching Soldier. I'm gonna blame you if it's pants.

Hah, Dinosaurs. The dad and his lumberjack shirt.

So, you had steak tonight?

Louise said...

Not to sound too 80s but Eeyore's the bomb, so gloom away dearest and nice usage of Strangelove there. You have great skill in the art of quoting. Great, great skill. I wanna watch that now and mate, Soldier is a thing of idiotic beauty! Trust me. I'm like a doctor of craptacularly enjoyable movies.
I'm actually watching Shooter, for the seven billionth time. We always end up watching it! That's the royal We by the way, queenie and i are tight.

God, 'bomb'...'tight'...what's happening to me?

I'm sorry but the best thing in Dinosaurs was Baby Sinclair. He kind of reminds me of you actually, being a sugar addict and all.

No steak, i just want steak, i want meat. T-rex tendencies are coming out again. I was watching Man vs Food earlier (yes, i do that and as a result, i have a major crush on Adam Richman) and was practically salivating at all the meaty goodness which i would not eat because a) it would kill me b) it's actually pretty disgusting looking.

Meaty goodness sounds wrong but i'm not changing it. I might just say it again at some point.

Dex said...

At least you didn't say 'da bomb'. That would have been unforgivable.

I wouldn't say I'm a sugar addict...mmm, do you remember rainbow sherbet in long tubes? I'd literally kill for some right now!

"Hot beef injection" - that's the one line I remember from The Breakfast Club.

Do you want any crappy clips? Feel free to scream 'Nooooooo'!

P.S. - I watch Man vs Food too. Sometimes it's on really late at night. Whatever happened to BBC Learning Zone?

Louise said...

You mean Swizzels Matlow Mega Rainbow Dust Straws?!

I'd kill you for one those right now!
Nah, i'd miss thee. I fucking love retro sweeties. It sucks that the only place you seem to be able to get them from is Amazon.

How're you liking Soldier? Have you been counting the number of times Kurt's actually spoken?

I love that "Hot beef injection" is now forevermore on my blog. That is fantastical. Oh, the filth, the tremendous filth!
Would you sit through The Breakfast Club with me?

Dex said...

I reckon it's all just about to kick off in Soldier.

Correction, it has all just kicked off.

The Breakfast Club - yes. I might have to get high on mega rainbow dust first. I can't believe that line, and that line alone, stuck in my head (heard it once, 10 years ago). There must be something wrong with me.

'I'd kill you for one those right now!' - Is it odd that I laughed like a maniac when reading that?

You didn't say no, so:

Louise said...

I feel like i've been deprived of some really important stuff in my life and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension is one of them. Jeff Goldblum's a fricken' cowboy!

I forgot to answer, i'm a goof but you brought the goods anyway. Aren't you smashing?

I reckon laughing like a maniac is always a good thing when threatened with death for rainbow sugar.
If i had your address, i would send you mega rainbow dust. Boxes of it.

Dex said...

I am smashing, aren't I?

Can I ask you some random questions?

Did your high school have an end of year dance?

Can you swim?

What are you doing, right now?!

Louise said...

We had a 6th Year Ball. I got very drunk, stoned for the very first time and a boy named Buddy licked my face. There's a picture floating around the internets somewhere, i know not where.

I can swim. I love to swim. I haven't in years. I have my, slightly nonsensical, reasons. My favourite thing to do was sink to the bottom and sit for as long as possible. It felt better down there. Quiet.

Right now, right now? I'm listening to covers of Horse With No Name and searching etsy for star wars crap...just because i can.

I pose you the same three questions and two more:

Can you walk on cracks on the road without turning into a superstitious maniac?

What were your dogs called?

Ps. I'm so unbelievably jealous that you had samoyeds. I hate you a bit...just a little though.

Dex said...

The Beanfeast - every Christmas. The 6th years perform at the senior one. I cut myself on stage. Had to hold an icepack on my face for the rest of the night.

I can swim. Not very often, though. Clickimin pool opened when I was young. It had flumes and rapids. Was way too crowded. I preferred the one in Scalloway.

Right now, just finished watching 'Happy Endings'. Never seen it before. Unlucky enough to catch Meg Ryan in the nude in 'In The Cut'.

Yes, I'm fine with cracks in road. Now. Why, aren't you?

Whisky & Sheba. No input on my part. My parents had them before they had me. You should be jealous, they looked like white wolves. But I suppose you can't have cuddly cats and wolves together.

One more question, if you don't mind:

How do you feel about flying?

Louise said...

How did you cut yourself, you goof? Why's it called the Beanfest?

In The Cut gives me the dry heave just thinking about it. What happened to that woman? She used to be epic. I can't look at her without thinking of The Riddlers now and they genuinely terrified me when i was little.

I don't mind them when i don't notice them, i'm superstitious and it bugs me. A friend of mine inflicted his own weirdness about drains. Y'know, the ones you get on the pavement. Three in a row. You can't walk on those. Oh, no. That'd be bad. Uchh.

I want a puppy and a kitten and all things fluffy. It's embarrassing how much time i spend on youtube.

I am terrified of planes. Not that i've been on one. I just don't understand them. How can this enormous hunk of metal go up in the air and not just fall back to earth again. How...It makes no sense. Scientifically and engineeringly so, it does but for my poor brain it just weirds me out. And no matter what anyone says to me, if i go on one, it will be the plane that plummets into the sea and i die a sharky death. Welcome to my messed up brain, it's happy to make your acquaintance.

I like questions. More more more.

Dex said...

Um, with a razor blade. I'll explain later.

I have no idea why it's called the Beanfeast. We don't eat beans.

Did you go to Sunday school?

What's the longest walk you've ever been on?

When's the last time you were drunk?

What was your favourite class at school?

What's a favourite memory from a summer holiday?

Louise said...

Blimey, that's a whole load of questions :)

Sunday School - nup. My sisters did but they complained so much my parents let them stop going. I got the choice and i think i straight out said no. Little heathen, that is i.

Longest walk - i actually have no idea. I did a lot of walking with the family when we went to Carradale but i don't know if i've ever...hiked. I hate word.

Drunk - 1st year of Uni, London trip. Must have been 2008/9/7...i don't know, i'm too sleepy to figure it out. There is a rule for when i am drunk. Take away my phone. I drunk dial. Super embarrassing.

Favourite class - Religious Studies, the philosophical, Descartes side of things. I could bullshit and get awesome marks...that was fun.

Memory - Falling in a brook :)

Dex said...

Since you're sleepy, I don't wanna tire you out with more questions.

You can ask me things if you like, or not.

Feel free to say if you've had enough :)

Louise said...

Ugh, i'm sorry Dex, i am indeed sleepy and can't focus properly. I think perhaps i will sleep but don't think i don't have any questions to ask you. I do. My brain just isn't functioning. Sorry :(

Okay if i bail, though? I'm no use to you like this.

Dex said...

Of course it's okay. You're not bailing. I'm sleepy too.

Night, night, Lilly :)

Louise said...

Time to sleep-fight some crime!


Night Dex-face.

Ps. you're turning out to be a favourite person of mine. Yessum.

Louise said...

It's over an hour later and i'm still awake, because i'm fretting.
I don't like how abruptly our conversation tonight ended. Did i abandon you? It feels like i did and i don't like that. Or have you found me out? That i'm not interesting or nice, clever or worthy of your time? I don't know. The internet conveys a dull tone and i hate it for that. I'm a terrible friend, ask anyone, horribly selfish. I am interested in you. Know that.
I hate my brain for keeping me awake thinking these things. We've only been speaking days, not years but i think i'd be really sad to think your opinion of me had been altered. Really sad.

Tell me to shut up, stop being an over-thinking girl and to get some sleep. Please?

Dex said...

Oh Lilly, I feel so incredibly guilty right now. I should have replied last night, I'm so very sorry. I didn't just switch off the second I said goodnight, I saw what you wrote in reply and it gave me a warm feeling inside.

I didn't go to bed thinking you'd bailed on me. I went to bed thinking you were the sweetest girl in the world and a darned good friend as well :) I was fretting too, I just knew I should have said something, but I didn't want to bother you anymore. I wanted you to get some sleep :( I kinda hate myself at the moment.

Louise said...

We're quite the neurotic pair. Don't hate yourself, my brain's the one that thought up all that stuff...told you, torturous headspace just now. So if i don't hate you, you're not allowed either. End of story.

'neurotic pair' - i have this image of a very stressed out fruit in my head just now :)

Dex said...

Okay, but promise me that you'll never go to bed worrying about what I think of you. Just remember that we will always part as friends.

Speak to you soon :) Are you planning to watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves?

A very stressed out fruit - that just about sums me up.

Louise said...

Cross my heart and hope to die :)

You always know when my favourite movies are on before me. Tv wizard.
I call you a wizard a lot. Take it as a compliment, i wish i was one.

Dex said...

TV Wizard - probably pretty low down the order of powerful wizards :)

I'm gonna have a wash and pop to the shops. I like to keep you informed of these things.

"So, you're going to have a little wash and brush up, are you, what a good idea. Always does wonders for a man, that, Jack, a little wash and brush up, water on the back of the neck. Makes you feel marvelous. That's what we need, Jack, water on the back of the neck and the code."

Unless you need someone to talk to, of course :) How are you today?

So, 9pm, is it a date? Or you can pretend you're watching it, just to humour me.

Louise said...

It took me ages to figure out where that quote came from. Such a doof.

You're a TV-Film-Quoting-Knowledgeable of Anime Wizard. Pretty damn sweet job description i'd say.

Today, i feel like i'm underwater and it's one of my most hated feelings. I may have to revert to caffeine and it took me so long to kick that nasty habit. Looking forward to RH:PoT tonight though! I'll try and convince my family to watch it but i may have to flee to my room and join you in the Kevin Costner watching goodness. Sorry, i mean Alan Rickman watching goodness.

How's Dexterous? Good good good?
I don't know why but when you say 'pop to the shops' i imagine this very quaint, old-worldy type of experience. the Shetlands are stuck in the 40s in my head, apparently. Ugh. My brain.

Dex said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling great. Feeling like you're underwater - that only feels good when you're actually underwater.

I just assume everyone knows that film as well as I do. I'm stuck in my own little world most of the time, so some things just never cross my mind.

I'd try and reinforce that image of Shetland if it would convince you to visit, but you'd be disappointed.

Do you not like coffee?

Louise said...

I just can't wake myself up, which is ridiculous after like ten hours of sleep but i'm watching 30 Rock, with a cup of tea and my i feel better.

Fact: i only like coffee when it tastes nothing like coffee (gingerbread latte or stocked full of sugar and milk). Coffee is nasty. It's like alcohol, i just don't get it.
Do you like it?
I used to drink shots of espresso straight because i was so addicted to caffeine...that was not good. Then there was the Red Bull phase with the palpitations. I did a year of college, to build up my portfolio for art school - biggest waste of time, ever - with my high school art buddy, Chris and we drank i think three cans in a row once and couldn't climb stairs. That is one of my fondest and most terrifying memories.
Thus, the kicking of the habit last year. It was very painful.
I don't know why i just told you all that. Hmm.

Tell me something silly in return. I insist.
And quit apologising for quoting random things at me, i love it.

Dex said...

Well, that sounds like a pleasant way to spend a Saturday evening.

I once attempted to walk from Walls to Sandness. After walking some way along the winding road, I saw some houses in the distance. Assuming it was Sandness, I went cross-country because it seemed like a good idea. I ended up back in Walls. Strider, I ain't.

Silly enough for you?

I don't like coffee very much either, except frappuccinos in summer.

Louise said...

You said the magic word. Damn you. Where's Summer already?! Do you like cold things in the winter time? I do, like ice poles. The blue ones. Nom.

Strider you may not be, but at least you made it back home eventually...which is more than i could probably say. I get lost in very simple's scary.

What you doing Dex? What'd you need from the shops?
Would you really lie just to get me over that wretched stretch of water?

Dex said...

Ice poles - are they like Mr. Freeze?

I bought some cakes. I feel like having afternoon tea, even though it is after 6pm.

I buy books on afternoon tea!

Escape From Shetland. You can be Kurt Russell.

Louise said...

I want to be Kurt Russell, oh my lord, i want to be him so bad.

Mr Freeze indeed but you could get a 5p version from the cornershop in my town and they were epic. You get one of every colour and still have enough money to go back for more. Cheap food is good food. That's not right, is it?
Favourite flavour? I need to know.

Why do you buy books on afternoon tea, my dear? Is there a proper way to do it? Is there afternoon tea etiquette?!

Dex said...

Was there a cola flavour Mr Freeze? Do they still sell them?

Other childhood favourites:

Gino Ginelli ice cream

Anything you'd like to add to the list?

Do you remember 2p cola snakes? Or 10p or 20p pick'n'mix bags made up of 1p and 2p sweets?

I like the idea of a life where I can spend the entire afternoon having tea and cake.

Louise said...

Can it be a life of afternoon tea, film watching and Dex & Lilly adventures? Cause that sounds nice...really nice.

There was indeed a cola Mr Freeze and it was awesome. I didn't encounter cola snakes but i did love the giant fizzy cola bottles...but only fizzy. And cola and green apple laces.

Oh, and two words for you mister:

Mini Milk.

and Rowntree's Fruit Pastille Ice Lollies! They should have reversed the order of flavours though. Just saying.

The inside part of a Feast used to freak me out. It was too cold and i dunno, just weird...

Dex said...

I like how our lives are taking shape.

Thank you for the cola confirmation.

Of course, I just had to look up a picture of a Fruit Pastille Ice Lolly.

Cornettos - Why don't all ice cream cones taste like that?

Random question:

Do you like any sketch shows?

Louise said...

Strawberry Cornettos are my favourite. Always and forever. Favourite part? Ice cream, cone or chocolate bit at the end?

I can't believe you've never had a Fruit Pastille Ice Lolly, that's obscene. They're like a fruit party in your mouth. And yes, i said that and yes, i'd say it again.

Sketch shows are not really my thing, i find the humour a little liner-ish. I did like Smack The Pony. Monty Python...that counts right? I would like to see Human Giant but overall, i'd rather watch something like Black Books or a stand-up. Can you suggest any sketch shows that'd change my mind?

I just though, i can't watch Robin Hood! It's the finale of World Without 'Plaguey' End tonight and it's feature length. Yesss! I watch such trash.

Dex said...

Actually, I have had a Fruit Pastille Ice Lolly :) I was just reminding myself of the order of the flavours.

The problem with sketch shows is that they are so hit and miss (mainly miss).

Monty Python (I prefer the first 2 films, though).
Not The Nine O'Clock News
A Bit of Fry & Laurie

They were probably among the better ones. Some very funny bits amongst the dross.

The Day Today (not a sketch show really, but sort of). Here's something from that particular show.

World Without End instead of Alan Rickman. Lilly! Actually, I really should stop pouring vitriol on things I haven't seen. I've said that before.

Louise said...

I just don't get it :(

That was funny but i only smirked internally and that's just not enough for me. Is there something wrong with me?
You know what i couldn't stand? The Fast Show. Terrible terrible terrible piece of crap. I don't find Paul Whitehouse funny in the slightest. He creeps me out actually.

Stephen Fry - i can't really be bothered with him anymore but Jeeves & Wooster was brilliant.

"What ho, what ho, what ho?"


You're right to 'pour vitriol' on WWE, it's dire but i got sucked in and it's the last episode, so i must watch it! MUST!

Dex said...

No, I don't think there's anything wrong with you :) The Day Today is an acquired taste.

Currently, working my way through 'ten for the weekend'.

You know what song I really liked that you blogged a little while back - Ramona by Night Beds. That was lovely.

Dex said...

Here is the craziest thing I have in my dvd collection.

Please don't think less of me.

Louise said...

Dex...what did i just watch? And why was one them clearly dying...and the bananas? What did you just put inside my brain?!

I think i blog too often, i don't even remember Ramona. Oh wait! I do remember, i got that free from iTunes! Jeez, i can be dumb. Goldfish-like. That's kinder.

Sorry for disappearing, i was being fed and i like when that happens. And now WWE is on, yay. Religious baddies, sex, the plague and seriously bad acting. What more could you ask for?
Oh yeah, a decent story. Why do i watch this again? I want The Borgias back!

Question: Do you like Joni Mitchell?

Dex said...

I like Big Yellow Taxi :) But I find Joni Mitchell a little bit too depressing.

I wish I was being fed. Family away for the weekend. Pancakes. That's what happens when I'm left to my own devices.

You should be watching subtle, intelligent, finely acted drama like 'National Treasure'.

Excel Saga. Will you still talk to me?

What do you think of 'The Jesus And Mary Chain'?

Louise said...

I'll still talk to you. You have no idea the crap i have in my room, it's worse than what you just showed me. I'm not telling you though...not yet at least.

All on your lonesome Dex m'dear? Not enjoying it any? I'm jealous you have pancakes. Magic some in front of me with your awesome wizarding powers?

Joni Mitchell, i'm glad you're not a fan. She sucks. I skip her every single time in that playlist. She offends my musical sensibilities. And yes, that's coming from the girl that listens to Paramore.

Dex said...

Yeah, it's pretty lonely up here.

I'm glad you're glad I'm not a Joni Mitchell fan.

Anyone else you wanna ask me about?

Louise said...

Tom Waits
James Taylor
Aphex Twin
The Blue Nile
Dinosaur Jr
George Harrison
I Like Trains
John Martyn
Cat Stevens
Otis Redding
David Sylvian
TV On The Radio
Iron and Wine
Seth Lakeman
Animal Collective
Broken Social Scene
Echo and The Bunnymen
Joy Division
Simon & Garfunkel
Nick Drake
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

...i could go on but it might start to get a bit silly...

The Jesus and Mary Chain - i love them but i can't listen to them for prolonged amounts of time, like The Cure. Just Like Honey is an always song though.

Dex said...

I'll answer a couple of the easy ones, for now.

Radiohead - yes, but no way as much as I used to.

Joy Division - yes, there's a live version of Atmosphere which is one of my favourite things ever.

Are you feeling a bit less underwaterish?

Louise said...

You totally just wimped out but seeing as i'm on land again, i'll forgive thee.

Dex said...

Honestly, I never thought you'd give me such a long list :)

Whatya doin' now?

Louise said...

Hah, yeah, kind of got carried away. At least tell me how you feel about Simon & Garfunkel. I need to know that one.

Now, i am watching The Chronicles of Riddick with the fam. We do watch good movies as well, i swear.
I do have a lot of love for Vin Diesel though, i'm so excited about the new film.
And i like the Fast & the Furious movies...

What youuu doing? Did you enjoy Robin Hood?

Dex said...

Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Boxer, Mrs Robinson & The Sound Of Silence. All good songs.

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves - The Sheriff of Nottingham has just...died. Pity. And the witch. Not such a pity.

Oh, Vin Diesel too.

Louise said...

Isn't that just the finest death you ever did see? The witch scared the bejesus out of me when i was little. Endeared Morgan Freeman to me for life when he suck her with the pointy end.

'good'? Did you just 'good' S&G? Tisk.

Dex said...

Did I just 'good' S&G? I think I did. Admittedly, those are the only 4 songs I know. I think they're okay, a bit twee and no way near enough to make me a fan, but still okay. Sorry.

You like Paramore. Just keep reminding yourself of that fact.

Here are some random songs I listened to today:

Film recommendation - Bringing Up Baby (1938). How can something so old still be so funny? Or how can I find something so old to still be so funny?

Dex said...

Hmm, I didn't write down any songs.

Louise said...

No songs indeed! Such an anti-climax.

You used Paramore against me :( Shameless tyrant.
And they're so not twee! Belle & Sebastian are twee! Should this be our next album trade?

Bringing Up Baby - because it's amazing and Katherine Hepburn is one kick ass lady. I hope they never remake that movie, it'd be travesty. They'd probably get Sandra Bullock to star and i love her but she's not Hepburn. No way, no how. John Hamm as David though? Or am i way off?

Speaking of old movies - Anchors Aweigh. On The Town. Operation Petticoat.

I really want to watch Young Frankenstein but i don't have it :(

Dex said...

MGMT - Kids
Death Set - Negative Thinking
Smokey Robinson - Just A Mirage
Vashti Bunyan - Diamond Day
Chairlift - Bruises
Cat Power - Rockets

Anchors Aweigh - for one scene, and I think we both know what it is. Gene Kelly was so talented, damn him.

Operation Petticoat - my parents love that movie.

More Grant & Hepburn goodness - The Philadelphia Story.

I have a slightly unsettling feeling that if they remake Bringing Up Baby, it's going to be Cate Blanchett & David Schwimmer.

Louise said...

Ooh, Smokey Robinson. Nice choice.
The Death Set - So that's what that song is. I enjoy that advert, with the happy babies.
Listening to The Ninjasonik Revox version of Negative Thinking. Amusing.

Are we talking the Jerry Mouse moment? Cause i hope it's that scene. He was talented but apparently an absolute nightmare to work with. Everybody kinda hated him on the Singin' In The Rain set. I'm pretty sure Debbie Reynolds thought he was a complete douchebag.

Y'know i've never seen The Philadelphia Story. My sister tells me it's the superior film to High Society, which she and i love...should really get around to watching it.

Old movies are great but i can't get my eyes to focus on them properly. Too much grey. Dunno what that's about.

"I have a slightly unsettling feeling that if they remake Bringing Up Baby, it's going to be Cate Blanchett & David Schwimmer."

Scariest casting, ever.

Dex said...

Dancing with Jerry Mouse. It doesn't get much better than that.

That cover of Negative Thinking :)

Have I been a total bore tonight, Lilly? I feel like I have been.

Louise said...

Never boring my dear. A little sleepy sounding perhaps. I imagine if you were beside me, you'd be curled up, doing your best to drone out my silly ramblings. Which is a nice thought, for me at least.

Dex said...

That is a nice thought.

It's not right, is it, being alone all the time?

Did you go on any school trips?

I went to Edinburgh in P7. Saw Deep Impact at the cinema. First time I'd been to a cinema.

The first time I was drunk was in S5, at a house party (some guy nicknamed Blinky). Got very, very, very drunk. Had to be carried to the attic bedroom to sleep it off.

I don't know why I told you that, but there you go :)

Louise said...

It isn't right but it won't be forever. You're lovely, i'm most definitely sure you'll be surrounded by wondrous people in the future. No doubt about it.

You silly boozehound. Did you have a mother of a hangover the next day?
Tell me more stories. Story time is fun time.

My first significant school trip was to Scarborough/York in P7. My sisters got to go to London. I got to go somewhere i'd been several times before. Kind of boring but being with my friends and no parents was pretty cool. Ever been?

Dex said...

Scarborough, that's by the sea, isn't it?

I'm sorry Lilly, I've been typing and deleting for the last 20 minutes. I don't know what's wrong with me :(

Louise said...

Aw Dex, there's nothing wrong with you at all. I've just sapped the energy out of you. Perhaps you need your bed.

Scarborough, sea, had Flamingo Land...i liked that.

Dex said...

I'm sorry I'm such a sleepyhead.

Flamingo Land :) That sounds more exciting than anything I got up to in Edinburgh.

I've been to Chester Zoo. It has a bat cave. You walk in and the bats just fly around, free as anything.

Louise said...

It's just cause you get up at regular hours deario, i'm the backwards one here. Be sleepy, it's good for you.

Screw Flamingo Land, it's just a theme park. I want bats!
We get Pipistrelle bats here in the east. I likes them. Saw an albino one once and i've never forgotten.

Dex said...

Are you still wide awake?

Ingen :) I wonder what job I could do for them.

Pipistrelle bats - I'm jealous. I like bats.

Louise said...

I'm very wide awake. Like a bat. I've got rather good hearing as well. I want to sleeeeeeep, like the normal people do.

For InGen you could look after the baby dinosaurs and make sure they grow up nice...not bitey. We don't like bitey dinosaurs.

Dex said...

InGen - with a 'G'. Ugh, my brain.

You're a creature of the night, Lilly.

Are we still planning to watch Dark City?

I hope you don't mind me taking so long to type. It's not for want of trying.

Louise said...

Dex, i generally don't mind anything you do. So don't fret.

Dark City is still a go but i have to find it first. I hope we have it and i've not just imagined that we do. If not, there's always amazon and i've got prime membership just now. Oh how i love next day delivery!

Actually sod it, i want a copy for myself.


Just ordered it. It'll be here...uh...Tuesday? Still good for watching?

Dex said...

Yay, let's watch it next weekend.

I'll order it tomorrow. Don't trust myself on Amazon tonight.

Are you watching anything at the moment?

Louise said...

Like literally at the moment? Or just in general?
Sod it, i'll answer both.

No and Jericho, it's quite bad.

I ordered Slap Shot as well. Yay for more icey violence!

Dex said...

Yay, indeed.

That was something we did on the Edinburgh trip - went ice skating.

I remember, at Clickimin Leisure Centre, children used to be able to go roller skating in the main hall.

Did you ever go roller skating?

Louise said...

Around my street...

Balance and I aren't friends. I was just thinking about ice skating though. I've only been like twice and i had such fear about falling down and someone skating over my fingers that it wasn't the greatest experience!
My mum wants to go to an ice hockey match with me. I bloody love that woman.

Can you skate?

I always wanted to skateboard but y'know, balance and my clumsiness. Oh and my aversion to pain!

Dex said...

An ice hockey match :) would you be in the stands screaming for blood?

I think I can skate, or I used to be able to.

Water fights on a warm day. That's a happy memory. Getting blasted with a garden hose, while holding a feeble water gun that squirts about 2ft.

I actually quite enjoyed growing up in Westerloch. Was a good place to have water fights. I don't think children do that around here anymore. Ugh, I sound old.

Louise said...

Back in the day...

We are old but not at all. It's weird. Water fights were excellent. The closest we get now is washing the car and i don't really have to do that very often...

The last time i got soaked was my last day of high school, ditch day. I was in our local rugby field with all my year and a bouncy castle and a lot of booze. I was sitting quite happily in the grass, pleasantly drunk and then got attacked. It was funny but mean. I walked home sodden. Rumph.

I would simultaneously be screaming for blood and hiding behind my fingers because like a complete wimp, blood makes me faint. Lame.

Dex said...

I was watching MitM the other day, and Hal was fantasising about washing his new sports car. Classic Cranston. I wish I had a link.

You put Ramona in your playlist :) Here, have another fragment of my soul.

Louise said...

I know the one :) I want a Hal. Lets make a Hal. We can feed him crackers and give him rollerblades.

Yummy soul. Although, to be fair, it was already in the playlist but i did find it through you mentioning it again! So...can i keep the fragment?

Dex said...

Goodnight (?) Lilly.

You were really there for me today (I was feeling kinda lonely). I won't forget that :)

I'll stay online for a little while longer, but maybe you're asleep?

Louise said...

Hey, i replied. I was waiting for you! I did go and wash up and stuff though. You're probably asleep now.

I'm going to go and read some. Maybe sleep but i'm gonna try not to. Reset. I need it.
Sleep well Dexterous and i'll be there for you anytime. You may be many miles away and i may know very little about you (i'm gonna get more info out of you, just you wait) but you're very much my friend and a lovely one at that. So i'm here when you need me.

Night/morning delightful Dexterous. I hope tomorrow's good to you :)

Dex said...

I must have been tired. I was sure I posted a reply before saying goodnight. I was waiting for you, too.

I'm still half-asleep, but I just wanted to check you were okay. Have I let you down again :(

Dex said...

I'm wide awake now!

I hope you manage to reset yourself. It makes me sad to think that I'll soon have to revert back to my normal sleeping pattern when my holiday is over. I'll miss talking with you through to the early hours. Still, there's always the weekends.

You're my friend too, Lilly. I think the world of you, I really do. You're never far from my thoughts. I wish I had the strength to do something really great, so I could break free from this island and we could live happily ever after, doing all the things we want to do (even a Bryan Adams concert). I wonder if life ever works out that way for anyone.

Do you ever worry that we'll drift apart or disappear? I worry about things like that all the time (a neurotic fruit). I promise I won't, though. I want to know everything about you (well, the stuff you're willing to share). I don't care how trivial, or random, or silly that stuff is, I want to know. I don't care if I'm at work, and you send me a completely pointless message and want a reply, or if you ask me to stay up all night just to talk about nothing. I'd happily do those things in a heartbeat.

I'm miffed you didn't get my message from last night. You missed an almight film quote:

"Open the pod bay doors, Hal".

Remember, we were talking about making a Hal from MitM. I thought I was being really clever. I realise now that wasn't.

Oh well, off the Amazon. Speak to you later :)

Louise said...

Dex Dex Dex! I found one...


Don't you mean 'nerdily ever after'?

No idea how unexpected and lovely it was to wake up to a message like this. You're the greatest and yeah, i worry about losing touch. It happens so often and it will probably happen with us i'm afraid. We'll get through our bad days and find things that take up our time, we'll meet people that we like equally, a little less or possibly more than each other. It sucks but things have to move forward. However, for now you sha'n't be getting rid of me and you always know where i am and i can always send out a bat signal through the blog if i need my Dexterous. A Dex Signal :)
Y'know what i like, i really like? Is that, yeah, we're net buddies but i don't feel like i have to be anyone else for you. With almost everybody i'm a different person. I smile at the appropriate times, i don't let on fully about how much of a nerd i am, i don't say the silly things that i do with you and my sisters. It's like i turn down the volume on myself because i figure nobody would want to spend time with 'up to 11' me but i think you would. I get that feeling. If i were grumpy, i think you'd just let me be that way and not expect me you snap out of it just for your sake. I also think you'd bring me cake and tea and nostalgia. Which makes you the best person in the world, for sure.

Awk, we're so freakin' sappy! Where's all that cynicism and foul-mouthed behaviour i'm so good at? I think we need to watch some of The Thick of It. Capaldi can get our grump back. I have faith in his ability to swear eloquently.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you today. Sunday's are a time-suck and everybody's pissy for some reason. Happens every weekend, without fail. Sometimes i wish to beat my family around the head with a clown shoe but that would involve touching a clown shoe and i couldn't do that...clown fear. Yuck.
Plus! I fell asleep at 7am. Tried so hard to stay conscious but lying down was too tempting. Instant sleep. I think i'm gonna try and sleep before 2am tonight. Giving myself a deadline. Will you mind if we don't talk into the stupid hours?

What's you done today Dexxxx? You sounded rather chipper in your last message and i find that amazing, seeing as you've probably had less sleep than me! Shaman.

Louise said...

i think i'm a TV witch.

In The Valley of Elah's on tonight and i had no idea when i mentioned only a few days ago to you.

This happens more than i'm comfortable with.

Did you watch Jurassic Park?!

Dex said...

Ha, I was genuinely excited for you and the bunny hat :)

Aw, apologising for taking so long to reply. That's so sweet and totally unnecessary.

Lilly, I will make a point of breaking off our conversation before we reach the silly hours.

"Please inform the citizens of Gotham, that Gotham City has earned a rest from crime. But if the forces of evil should rise again, to cast a shadow on the heart of the city, call me."

"Question, how do we call him?"

"He gave us a signal!"

A Dex Signal.

No Batman today, though. Toy Story 2 and Jurassic Park, yes indeedy.

I'm pretty sure there are some fantastic films on later tonight, but I can't remember what they are.

I never watch tv with my family. They don't tv at all. But they do vacate the living room just after 10pm almost every night, obliging folk that they are.

Actually, I'm slightly annoyed with them at the moment, mainly because the house is full of their friends and I'm trapped in my bedroom. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Hmm, you'll probably hate this show :)

For some unexplained reason, I find it utterly adorable when you drive a tank over my favourite stuff. I'm quite odd.

I'm really glad you feel you can be yourself when you talk to me. I like yourself :)

Star Wars - how big a fan are you? Wookie dialect expert big?

And here are some 'happy vibes' if you need them.

Dex said...

I posted that before I read your latest reply :)

Louise said...

"Where do these stairs go?"

"They go up."

Ghostbusterssss is on. Did we predict this also? We totally control tellyland. We should really put better stuff on.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is not my favourite, no but i did watch it for a while and would look for it in the tv listings so it made a decent impression at least. Ted Danson though. Man, he's just the best. Terrible terrible actor but i can't help but love his entire being. Maybe it's because of Cheers.

Sorry i wasn't an adorable tank driver this time! Hah. Odd duck.

Bad parents, backing you into your room like that with socialising. Shameless! Luckily my family's totally antisocial, so we don't really do company but we do watch lots of tv at night. Shall we adopt you? You'd fit right in.

Star Wars, i adore it but i'm not a dedicated fan. I'm not really a dedicated fan of anything. I don't learn the intricate details and nuances of the things i love because well, i dunno, i'm lazy and i don't feel the need. Kind of bugs me actually. I find it so hard to retain knowledge, it just sort of slips away from me. Consider my brain sieve-like.
So no, i know the basics about Star Wars and not much else. What i wish to know, i google because google knows all. Yupyup.
Are you like me or the opposite? I have this feeling you'll be rather knowledgable about the things you love.

I'm wearing your happy vibes like i would Louise's pink bunny hat - with immense pride :)

Dex said...

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not very knowledgeable about anything. I don't know what subject I would choose if I went on Mastermind. Do you have any idea what your specialist subject would be?

Take Camera Obscura as an example. I love them, their probably my favourite band, but I just own their albums and listen to their music. I can tell you very little else about them.

Are your family watching Ghostbusters with you?

Bad parents indeed. I really am a grumpy little so-and-so when I'm disturbed in my natural habitat. All these people disturbing my quiet, cosy, little world.

"Is Ted Danson?"

That will almost certainly mean nothing to you, but it's something that makes me laugh.

Louise said...

Buffy. No doubt about it. How lame is that?

I'm currently in the living room and watching Immortals. I want John Hurt to narrate my life. Or Morgan Freeman. Sod it, just some awesome voiced human but i require a narrator to bore to tears.

Who would narrate your life?'re gonna have to explain that Ted Danson thing...

Dex said...

Sorry if this posts twice. I got a server error message!

I used to like a bit of Buffy. We had the first 2 seasons on tape. Season 2, that was when Angel turned bad, wasn't it?

Patrick Stewart, maybe. Orson Welles if he wasn't dead. Did you know he voiced Unicron in Transformers: The Movie.

"Is Ted Danson?" - Trust me, it's really not worth the explanation.

Louise said...

Blogger is being a bit of a pissy bitch just now. Needs a good telling off.

I will never challenge your knowledge on Transformers. It's like a fine art with you.
Orson Welles? That's pretty neat though. Any other fantastical titbits of knowledge m'dear?

I get really happy every time Patrick Stewart guests on American Dad. He's so wonderfully dismissive of Stan.

Immortals is so damn pretty but really quite bad. Kinda loving it :)

Dex said...

Immortals - wasn't that the film your mum bought you for a couple of quid down the shops? Or did I imagine that? I love that our conversation is so long that things have been lost in its depths.

Transformers - Crikey, I hope that's not my specialist subject.

Avery "strangle me while I brush your hair" Bullock :)

Do you remember the dad from Taz-Mania? - "nice, cool glass of oj". He was based on Bing Crosby.

Louise said...

Hah, me too. We're nearing in on the 400 message mark Dex! How far do you reckon we can go? Infinitely?

Immortals is sooooo bad and yeah, my mum got it cause it's Tarsem Singh and he directed The Fall and that's one of my favourite movies and well...yeah. It's all pretty and terrible acting. The gore's pretty good. And Zeus is pissed as usual. Better than Clash of the Titans, not 300 though. Still love that. Glaswegian Spartans. Amazing.

No way. Crosby? Really? How do you know these things?! Your specialist subject would be cartoon nostalgia and you'd rule at it. I'd bet on you.

Favourite American Dad character?

Dex said...

Not including the Smith household:

Principal Lewis
Captain Monty

I cannot overstate my love for this show :)

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 - now, that was bad (apart from Lauren McKnight). I can't believe I watched it from beginning to end.

Do you have any special skills? Everyone has some.

Louise said...

You really have a thing for teen slasher movies, don't you? Wow, i'm seriously impressed. That's terrible Dex. Hah, i'm a little ashamed of you but if it was on the tv now, i'd probably watch it or at least some.

Please tell me you don't like the Scary Movie movies? Please?

Captain Monty's a ledge. He'd be in my list. I used to hate Steve, now i love the sick little puppy.

Special skills? Uhm. Apart from drawing? Err. I can see a face in a film, tv show etc and tell you what else they've been in. Almost every time. Couldn't tell you their name though. Do you mean physically? I'm confused!

Done with Immortals, onto In The Valley of Elah. My dad chose it over True Lies. I'm slightly disappointed.
What you watching crime buddy?

Dex said...

I'm watching True Lies :)

I don't get hangovers. Admittedly, that's more luck than skill.

I really have no idea what I meant. Anything, really. Making pancakes.

Would you watch the Scary Movies with me?

Louise said...

Damn you. Has Arnie forced Curtis to strip yet? The filth wizard.

Special skill - i can't think of a single one. That is depressing...

My favourite American Dad character - Barry off his meds.

"Let's kill his parents next, let's kill them all!"

Love him love him loveeee him. Toshi too. Anyone that pissy is fine by me.
I quote way more than i used to. I'm holding you responsible.

I would consider watching the Scary Movies with you but you'd owe me one. Like, a Bryan Adams concert, one. Not even Anna Faris can get me to watch that crap voluntarily.

Dex said...

You're alright, I don't like them either. I like knowing that you'd watch them with me, though.

Please don't get depressed. It was a stupid question. And drawing is a skill. But I knew you were good at that already.

Arnie's just found out she's having an affair.

You can ask me some random questions if you like.

Louise said...

Don't worry, i was just kidding. I am fairly without skill though. I can't even click my fingers or whistle properly It's odd. Like i don't have enough air. I do have stupid lungs though. Bloody childhood asthma.
Could you ever do handstands or cartwheels? I never could. I was a master of the forward roll though! Bow down to my gymnastic wonder...or not.

Why is it when asked to ask someone stuff, every possible question escapes me? There are millions and my mind turns the lights off. Hate my brain.

How do you feel about the digital age? Do you play any vinyl?
I found this yesterday and thought of you:

I don't even know if you like LSoH (you better do).

Dex said...

My father is a classical music buff. He has something like 5000 records/cds and a record player in his 'music room'.

Little Shop of Horrors was on at Mareel :) Come up, now!

What do you think will happen to us, Lilly? I really should get of my arse and make something happen.

Louise said...

I dunno. I've been waiting for something to happen for almost 4 years now and that's just not working. Quite possibly the fact that i'm waiting, not doing.
What do you wanna do, Dex?
What would you be getting up for?

Dex said...

What do I want to do? I want to do nothing. But I want to do nothing with someone. Does that make sense?

Louise said...

It makes the most perfect of sense.
I feel that way.
I think we should want more for ourselves though.
Not necessarily what society says we should have, like a house, money, all the shit we think we deserve.
Maybe just, to be happy, to enjoy things and if that includes a job we enjoy then great but if not, then it shouldn't dictate our entire happiness. Should it?

Dex said...

All I know for sure is that what is happening now, in my life, it's not enough. Do you feel the same way?

Louise said...

Exactly the same. Some days more than others. Not sure how you change it though. They say just by 'doing' but what if you don't have the energy for that?

Dex said...

I'd like to be the one to come to your rescue and take you on adventures :) y'know, like the hero of some fairy tale.

Maybe that thought is enough to make me do something.

Louise said...

I think we need to rescue ourselves, Dex. But together could work.
It's totally typical that two people that get each other are miles and miles apart. Therein lies the rub of the interweb.

Just watched another episode of Jericho. That makes 4. I'm still bored.

Dex said...

Sleepy & bored, or just bored?

Louise said...

No no. Jericho's boring. Stupid show, i'm glad i got it as a gift and didn't waste money on it like i did Entourage.

Sorry, did it seem like i was deflecting? I wasn't, just stating.

Dex said...

No, it didn't seem that way at all :)

I'd kinda moved away from reality into the real of dragons and Princess Lilly.

Are you gonna make me honour my promise of not keeping you awake 'til the silly hours?

Louise said...

Princesssss?! I'm no princess. Can i be someone who gives bad directions instead? Like in Zelda? I'd like that. I could be called The Deflector!

I think perhaps i should try this sleeping lark. It'd be good to maybe not get out of bed at 2:30pm tomorrow. I miss seeing people in natural light...

Dex said...

I don't think I'm cut out for the hero, either. A couple of bounty hunting anti-heroes, that could be us.

If you're sure Lilly. I quite sleepy, but if you still wanna talk...

Louise said...

Nah, i'm sure. I just yawned, so it's probably a good time to say hello to my pillow.

Nice conversing with you Sir Dexterous of Dexton, until the next time!

Goooood night.

Dex said...

Likewise Lilly of Lilliput

Sleep well :)

Dex said...

Hi Lilly, did you manage to go to sleep a bit earlier than usual?

I'm 'helping out' at Mareel later on today. Wish me luck. The general public are a fickle bunch.

I laugh at anything and everything when I'm surrounded by people. I think I suffer from a mild form of hysteria.

Can we talk about nothing in particular when I get back? I'm already missing your chat.

Ugh, the general public, feelings of anxiety. I don't know what they want of me, but I can't help them.

I hope you're still wearing my happy vibes with pride. And when you get the pink bunny hat...Happy vibes and a pink bunny hat together, what could be better?

Louise said...

Hey bud, back at work again were you? That sucks. Do they not understand the meaning of the word 'holiday'?
Methinks not.
Or is it the other work you're on holiday from? Oh dear, i'm lacking knowledge, yet again!

I did actually wake up feeling smiley and rested today. It still took me 2 hours to get to sleep and i woke up at 1pm and very quickly went back to sleep for another hour and a half but yeah, rested and smiley, that's how i'd describe me today and i'm attributing it to your happy vibes and the fact that i'm fully planning on buying a Louise hat next month. Yessum.

'Yessum' may be my favourite confirmatory word of late.

To the general public i say, 'Let thy Dexterous be!'.
Your awesomeness is obviously too much for the public to handle and it makes you, as you said, a little hysterical.
Or you're just really polite. It gives me a headache being nice to people i really could care less about.
Raised too well, you and i.

Dex, Bandcamp's robbing me of money again. It's so uncalled for!

Definitely on for bantering about later. The good times :)

Dex said...

Home, finally. To a very chilly atmosphere, unfortunately.

Someone said something at Mareel today. I laughed. I have no idea what he said.

I'm trying to cheer myself up with this:

I'd say this holiday has sucked, but it had one redeeming factor - you :)

Tell me all about your day, Lilly. What you've done, what you're going to do, anything and everything.

Yessum - I had noticed :)

Dex said...

Are you watching Black Mirror?

Louise said...

Dex m'boy, i'm so sorry for being absent this eve. The family and i had somewhat of a collective meltdown, hated each other for a while, then watched Skyfall to unite us as the curmudgeonly unit that we are. We're all we've got, gotta make up, y'know?

"I'd say this holiday has sucked, but it had one redeeming factor - you :)"

Now i feel like a complete dick. Sorry sorry sorry. Forgive a girl this one time?
How can i make it up to you?

How are you spending your last day of freedom? I'm hoping by doing something incredibly lazy and tv filled. And with cake. There must be cake.
My sister made banana bread today - obviously before the Boyd residence had a rage blackout - and it is a thing of epic yumminess.

I have a question for you. I think about this a lot, so maybe you do too. What kind of house do you want to live in? And where?

I recorded Black Mirror, i'm away to watch it now. Was it good?

Again. Sorry sorry sorry. Here's something nice. To bribe you into liking me again:

Dex said...

I never stopped liking you, not even for a second :) But the link did make me smile, so thanks anyway.

I'm glad your family made up. What did you think of Skyfall?

I don't want to say too much about Black Mirror, except that it was very different to the first episode. Oh, and it had Tyres from Spaced.

What kind of house would I like to live in? Hmm, I'll have to give that some thought.

I'm glad you think that I missed you, because it's true :) But don't worry too much about me.

Louise said...

Yay, still Dex & Lilly. Super glad.

Sometimes i worry that i talk like a 5 year old but then i think, 'being five was awesome' and i don't think about it anymore.

I didn't think you missed me, although it's nice that you did, i just don't like to stand people up. It's incredibly rude and i like to be rude to people's faces, not with ignorance. Yessum.

Skyfall was really great. Much better than i was expecting. Got a decent amount of the Bond of old back and Javier Bardem was wonderfully creepy. I think Ben Wishaw won the film for me though. His chemistry with Daniel Craig was off the scale.
Have you seen it yet?

Ps. I know and like you, therefore i worry for you. Just the way i am.

Dex said...

Still Dex & Lilly :) I'm super duper glad.

You said you think quite a lot about where you would like to live. Do tell.

I'm being incredibly lazy, right now. I'm sure you're delighted to hear that. Sitting in my bed, on my computer, watching Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade.

Oh Lilly, you've made me hungry talking of banana bread, but I've brushed my teeth.

We're both 'neurocrats'. I'm really hoping I just made that word up.

And being five was awesome. Started primary school when I was five. Saw a kid crying on the first day because he didn't want his mum to leave him there. Sat next to him in Standard Grade Geography. Now he's married. Life!

Louise said...

Married people our age freak me out. Especially the ones with babies. Yuck.

Neurocracy exists. A country that's run by crazy, paranoid people. Therefore, we are neurocrats. Totally a word and a job we could do really well.

Ugh, my computer is freaking out. There's this delay on everything i'm typing. Crap. I think the Genius Bar is going to get some of my money again. Gosh darnit.

Decided not to watch Black Mirror. Not in the right mood for intelligent stuff. Tomorrow will be the day. Along with the last Utopia. It better not be a cop out of an ending, it's been amazing so far and that would ruin it completely.
What bit are you at in The Last Crusade? Which is your favourite Indy?

I'd like to live in an old house, with old furniture and rooms in every colour i desire. I'd like a porch that goes encircles the house and has a porch swing for Summer days and stormy nights. It has to be somewhere in the country, sounded by trees and fields and basically look like something out of a fairytale but with no creepy creatures baying for my blood. I don't want neighbours. There would be a garden that when in bloom resembled a meadow. I apparently want to live in America...but not. Hawaii is where i joke about cause i need warmth but i think it'd be pretty nice to live there. You'll know, having been there. Am i right?

Dex said...

I have been to Hawaii. Was 3 years old and don't remember a thing about it. What a waste.

"Remember, we took you to Hawaii"
"Yeah, when I was 3. Thanks a lot"

Last Crusade is definitely my fave, mainly for the Ford/Connery banter (in the motorcycle at this moment). I like Temple of Doom too. Might watch that after. Raiders is good, but not quite as much fun. It doesn't suit my mood quite as often as the other 2. Number 4 is an aberration that should be erased from history :)

Do you have any strong feelings on this particular subject?

Have you ever seen a house even close to the one you described so eloquently? I love that you put so much thought into it. Could I visit?

Well, all my old school friends seem to be steaming ahead with adulthood. I feel a bit left behind. Good for them, though.

Here's something pointless:

My first console was a Sega Master System (it had Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in). The first game I bought was Shinobi. It had a ridiculously easy cheat (down & button 2) to access all the levels.

Then I had a Sega Megadrive. Absolutely loved it. I had this 3-in-1 game for it (Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobe) and Sonic 1 & 2 (all heaps of fun).

Finally, a Sega Dreamcast. I only ever played Sonic Adventure, one of my favouritist fun things ever (5 year old speak :) and Dead or Alive 2.

We still have various consoles in the house, but none of them are mine.

Do you play computer games? I have a feeling I asked this before, but this conversation is just soooo long to go back and check :)

Please don't answer all my random questions if your computer is playing up.

Louise said...

I am not letting my computer win! It can be as pissy as it likes. It's not stealing my internet time. Or my Dex talk time. Nope nope.

I'd have to say Raiders is my favourite, followed closely by Doom. I fell asleep during the 4th one, it was that bad. Are they making more? I have this feeling they are. I heard today that Mr Ford has signed on for the new Star Wars movie. Han Solo with mid-life crisis hair...i can't see that working. They've already butchered half the franchise, why must they continue to flog a dead ewok?!

I love the ewoks. I realise that makes me the only person on the planet to feel that way but i thought they were cute when i was little. Still do actually. I think i'll be an ewok one year for Halloween. What do you think? Think i could pull it off?

So you came out of the womb clutching a games console then, huh? Did you ever play Firefox on Sega? What do you play now?
I truly suck at games. I'd happily play with you though, it would be the easiest game you ever played however. Like beating a kitten. That was not meant to sound so sinister...
What do you play these days?
Is it wrong that i love Tetris?
Like, really love it?
And i get nervous playing Pacman...that's normal, right?

You could visit. Stay during the Winters. Be a hermit with me. Then not leave when Summer came around. Heck, just move in! There will be animals though. I need furry creatures. Cool with that?
And i've never seen a house exactly how i imagine but there is a few around the east coast that are pretty lovely. There's one in a town called Stanley that i recently fell in love with. But it's let down by civilisation. Shame.
Do you wanna live in the UK? Or do foreign lands call to you?

Dex said...

Did you see that amazing BBC Four documentary on Tetris? It was called From Russia With Love. And it was so Cold War, I absolutely loved it. A Russian inventor, clandestine meetings with American distributors, the KGB...utterly fantastic stuff.

These days, I don't really play computer games. I'm rubbish at them. They're too difficult and too scary and too long and probably a lot of other things that I can't be bothered with.

Would you mind going back in time with me and playing all these easy and fun games I grew up with? Streets of Rage, now there was a great 2-player game.

Harrison Ford. I'll just imagine he disappeared after playing the President in Air Force One. It's been a steady decline since then. But I can't think of an actor who has starred in more movies that I would happily watch again and again. I really can't. Ugh, my taste in movies.

I'd love to see more of Scotland. That's another thing we could do together :) I don't think I could live in another country. But, you never know.

Louise said...

I miss all the good documentaries. Perhaps cause i'm watching stupid stuff like Revenge and Jericho. Was the making of Tetris really so hush-hush?

Our list of things to do together is getting hysterically long! I like it :)
I would indeed play old school games with you! I think i played Streets of Rage once, i think i've played a lot of games once! For the reasons you don't play, i don't play. Plus, it's a real downer when you're just trying to shoot some bad guys or jump on some toadstools and some bastard who's a real gamer has to come along and stomp all over you with their superior abilities. Perpetually falling down various chasms may have attributed to my lack of effort when it came to games. Rock Star. Closest i get and i'm just bored with it now. Got into Angry Birds for a bit, then lost interest. Sensing a theme?

For years i was determined that i was going to live in Scotland forever. Maybe in Blair but screw that, i need out. Now i don't know, the rest of the world's looking pretty appealing. I know people that are settling all over the place and they seem to like it. I might to. But i think i'd miss our home country. Travel though. I want to travel! Together? Adventures?

Dex said...

Travel? Together? Do you even have to ask? I've just been reading Around The World In 80 Days. Now there's a book that makes me want to travel. There are so many places I'd like to see. I am used to a comfortable life, though. I'm not sure if I could backpack my way through Europe. Could you? I hate carrying anything heavy! I'm a tremendously light traveller, one of the few things I like about myself.

Add foreign travel to the list, Lilly.

I thought the history of Tetris was really exciting. Real spy stuff, and you didn't know who was going to win :) It was funny to see how bitter the losers were after all these years, poor fellows. I like when I find a BBC Four documentary to be fun. I feel better about myself afterwards :)

Lilly, I repeat, I watched My Super Psycho Sweet 16 from beginning to end. I might even watch it again! I'm not going to judge anyone for what they watch on TV.

I am sensing a theme. Is it just computer games? Are you gonna stick with Jericho? Were you ever that interested?

Louise said...

God we're so alike. I hate carrying heavy stuff. I rued the day i started taking art seriously. Portfolios are very large and heavy :( Add that on top the number of books i had to carry to and from school every day!
One of my neighbours once asked my mum if i was okay cause i was walking kinda funny. Had sort of a 'lean' going on. Hah. No wonder my posture's so bad.
Do you ever find yourself sitting in the worst posture, all scrunched down and it takes you a while to actually notice that it hurts? All the time for me. I try to sit up straight but it hurts and i don't want to! Well i do but i'm lazy, a you well know by now!

Lets travel with just a flask of tea and an iPod of travel appropriate music. I think that would be best.

I'm going to have to MSPS16 just to see how bad it is. Damn you.

Music documentaries. They're fun. I've seen the ones on Fleetwood Mac at least a dozen times by now. There was one about Bobby Fischer, the chess prodigy that kind of lost his mind. That was really interesting. Dex! I have to thank you. Your mentioning of documentaries has led me back to Mr Fischer and i've been meaning to read about him for ages. You are completely made of awesome! :)

I'll stick with Jericho. I got the 2 season boxset for Christmas, so i may as well. It may get better. I should perhaps watch it whilst not playing on my computer. I think i'm not paying enough attention...not that i think it merits very much. Skeet Ulrich still gives me the creeps. He was pretty super in Scream though.
I remember watching that for the first time with my childhood friend Sally. We weren't supposed to, being 10 or something, i dunno, so we snuck it into her house and watched it with our faces practically pressed up against the screen, listening out for any potential parental invasion. Such a clear memory it's scary.

My attention span is pretty poor. Not like have ADHD or anything. I just go into auto-pilot a lot of the time. I did well at school but i swear to god i coasted through most of it. Not because i was some genius. Hah. Far from it. But because i was just so bored. People talking at me is not the best way to engage my attention. But when you've got my attention, you've really got it. I love meeting someone who can tell me something without me wanting to smash my brains in after 5 minutes. My parents are good storytellers. I bore people to tears. Why i let others do most of the talking.

I'm probably boring you right now, hah, sorry dear.

You on the next Indy yet?

Dex said...

You're not boring me at all :)

I can't tell stories, especially jokes. They just fall flat. And, this may shock you, I'm terrible at quoting lines from films in person. I used to have a friend who was amazing at it. He used to quote from a really tacky horror film called 'Bloodsurf' all the time, and made it sound like the most entertaining film ever made. I think he's training to be a lawyer, now!

I did quite well in school too and I was very bored indeed :) I seemed to have a gift of knowing what was enough and then doing no more.

I had a limp when I was a kid from sitting in an unusual position. It must have lasted for months. I was sitting, playing my megadrive one morning before going to school, and I suddenly felt this pain and ended up walking like Herr Flick.

My posture iused to be quite bad but it's much better, now. My parents made sure of that!

Would you still watch the Scream films? Do you think I've watched them? I'll give you 1 guess. I've never seen Scream 4, though. Do you know if it's any good?

Mr Fischer, I once watched an interview he did with Dick Cavett. It was on Youtube. He wasn't what I was expecting. Actually, I don't know what I was expecting.

Just started the next Indy film, not sure if I'll make it to the end. Are you watching anything?

Louise said...

'Bloodsurf' - okay, that's on the list of things to watch. I keep wanting to watch trashier and trashier things. I'm worried.
I did find the complete 24 episodes of Cowboy Bebop online though, gonna watch that soon :)

You watched 'Allo, 'Allo! That makes me ridiculously happy.

"God Moaning."

"Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once."

Aw, so much of my childhood was spent waiting for those lines.

Embarrassing fact: My parents thought i was going to end up looking like Dumbo because i worse alice bands so much. I was banned. I do not resemble Dumbo. I thank them for this but i do still like alice bands.
But just think, we coulda been Flick and Dumbo. Jesus. Not as cool as Dex & Lilly. Nuh uh. No siree!

Not seen Scream 4. Couldn't be bothered. It's got Shenae Grimes in it...she's a buzzkill. Another embarassing fact. I enjoy the new 90210. I hate myself.
I'd totally watch the Scream movies with you though. We could have a gorefest! I like the second one. Soft spot for Timothy Olyphant. Justified is so gooood!

I should really sleep. I'm actually sleepy for 5am. Ucht. Not normal. Not normal at all!

Dex said...

Good idea. Let's sleep.

This has been a rather enjoyable night. Indiana Jones & Lilly :)

P.S. - Cowboy Bebop. That is all.

Dex said...

Louisiana Jones :)

Louise said...

Happy to have improved your night Sir Dex :) Yes, you're a sir now.

Have Indy dreams...not creepy ones, hah, adventure dreams, oh dear, this is sounding worse. I'll be going now.

Goodnight darling Dex :)

Louise said...

That's my name! I don't like snakes either :)

Dex said...

Night, night lovely Lilly :)

Dex said...

Hi Lilly.

How are you, today? Do you need any happy vibes sent your way?

Excited for Utopia tonight? Kind of gutted I didn't get hooked. Tell me if was all worthwhile. Had anything nice to eat of the baking variety? Is it odd that I'm so interested. Mmm, cake.

I just realised we started this conversation on the 19th of January and it's now the 19th of February. We are awesome.

I've actually been out this afternoon, not doing anything terribly exciting. The weather was quite fine.

I sometimes wish summer would come around sooner. Do you know what I like? A place where you can go on a warm summer day, where you can sit by yourself, in your own little world, and not have a care. Did you ever have somewhere like that?

Actually, Shetland summers ain't up to much, but there are those wonderful spells that last for a week or two, that are so nice they almost make up for the rest of the year. I wish I could predict when they would be, so you could come up and enjoy them with me.

I'm so glad we ended up as Dex & Lilly, rather than Flick & Dumbo. We must have done something right. Although, to be fair, Herr Flick did have excellent posture. I'm also glad to know all the stuff that we would watch together. I wonder if there is a line either of us will not cross.

You would not believe some of the stuff I watched as a youngster. My parents had absolutely no interest in scrutinizsing video certificates.

Louise said...

I need all the happy vibes you can spare Dexterous. I got up at 4:20pm and i feel ashamed and unhappy :(
I think i need terminated. I add nothing to the world i exist in and i'm guilt-ridden. And i hate feeling this sorry for myself. Guh. I also hate that i use 'i' so much. It makes me uncomfortable. Like i'm really self-involved. Which i probably am, bluchh.
You don't need to respond to that little diatribe, just send me vibes. I implore you.

I'd like to see a Shetland summer but i imagine you get much the same as we do by the sounds of it. Is it just sugarcoated memories or did Summers seem better when you were younger? Super sunny and warm and it lasted an incredibly long time. That's how i remember them. I miss those Summers.

I started this at 6pm. I am now back and not in such a sorry for myself kinda mood. It must be have been the happy vibes you sent me before, still doing their stuff.
There used to be a playing field, 5 minutes from my house. It was called the Gamesy. It had a steep hill at the top of it and was most excellent for sledging down in the winter time. But at the top of this hill there grew bushes of...i can't remember what but you could climb inside them. They made these little plant cocoons and they were where i used to like to go during the Summer. That's all gone now though. They built the new Primary School there. Bastards. Most of my childhood play areas have been snatched from me. Must we build on everything i love?! Do they do much of that in Shetland? Or do you like to preserve nature? Unlike us heathens down here.
Do you have a summer hideaway?
If you do, i wish to see it. Yessum.

A movie line we wouldn't cross? Hmm. That's an interesting thought actually. I'll watch pretty much anything because if all else fails you can just fall asleep but underwater stuff, there you'd have difficulty persuading me. I need protection during the movie, after the movie and the following day. Just for good measure.
They're trailing Deep Blue Sea again, Dex :( It's making me unhappy. Sharks are bad enough but genetically modified and seriously pissed off sharks? There isn't a word for what that does to my entire being. Horrid horrid horrid.

Dex & Lilly. We need a theme tune!

I still haven't seen Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Fargo because my parents wouldn't let me when i was little and some defiant part of me wants to continue that so i can routinely blame them for it :) Having children must be fun.
My room has a stained glass window in it. My parents put it there when we were extending the house and it's the same wall as the hall that is between my sister and I's rooms. I was devastated when i discovered it, upon returning home one day. My instant thought was, 'But now i can't watch movies late at night without getting caught! Bastardddds!' Heh. :)
What kinda stuff did you watch? Anything truly unsuitable for a young'n?

What you do this afternoon out in the big bad Shetland Islands? Tell me tell me tell me.

Cake - there's still banana cake and a piece of it is destined to be inside my belly.
Can you make cake?

Dex said...

I can just about make the simplest of simple cupcakes.

Too much effort for too little result. I just go to Emma-Louise's. She's a cupcake witch.

In summer, I know where I would take you. In Sandness, there's a beach. Water flows down to the beach from a loch, but just before it gets there, the water forms a little pool. It's surrounded by sand and grassy slopes, and no-one can see in. I used to go there all the time as a child, and I never met another soul. I guess it's still there.

I'm sorry they built over your summer hideaway. That sucks. It's like someone stealing your childhood. What about now? Is there anywhere you go to get away from things?

Dex said...

I forgot to send you happy vibes :) I'm glad your day improved, that's the best way.

I didn't do much today. Just had a bit of a wander around town. Got a toastie from Zlotys. Very exciting.

I guess we just did more in summers when we were children. My best friends lived in Westerloch, so we would spend our summer holidays out and about, going up the hill, going anywhere our parents would allow us, and a few places they wouldn't :)

Did you ever do anything on Bonfire Night or Halloween? We used to go around people's houses collecting wood for the bonfire. And at Halloween we'd go trick-or-treating. Do I make my childhood in Westerloch sound a bit syrupy?

A stained glass window in your bedroom! That must have been quite a thing to come home to. Did you really have no idea what you'd find once you got there?

Things I watched well before I was 15:

Die Hard
The Alien Trilogy
Bruce Lee films
Various anime - I suppose the animes were the the worst ones.

Here's a trailer for Ninja Scroll(a childhood staple in my household), it really doesn't do justice to how much sex and violence it contains.

Louise said...

I'd like to meet a cupcake witch. Or a muffin witch. Muffins trump cupcakes to infinity and beyond. Don't argue, you know i'm right.

Your Sandness hideaway sounds like my kind of little sanctuary. The kind of place to take a good book and forget the world. You wouldn't mind me crashing?

There's only my garden for me to find solace in. Being a hermit, you tend not to venture out too much but i'd like a tree somewhere. A nice big one with a swing. Please.

Dex said...

Hmm, I wonder what you're watching? :)

Louise said...

Hah, yeah. I came through to the living room and it was on! Imagine my joy. I know it's crap but i just love love love it. Alan Rickman could easily win my soul from me with this film.

"...and cancel Christmas!"


Your childhood m'dear sounds as sweet as pie and i'm a little envious. Mine was much the same but i think you had better scenery but i've got more trees! Lots more trees!

Oooh, Rickman's gonna die soon! Best bit.

Bonfire Night and Halloween were not a big deal for me as a kid or adult. I trick-or-treated maybe two times but my rents didn't like the idea of their kids basically begging for sweets and i can see why. We hide on Halloween. Such meanies.
Bonfire Night was down the rugby club but not anymore. The town can't afford it anymore. It's a shame cause we had a really nice firework display. I got to help build the bonfire one year. That was fun. Put Fawkes right at the top myself. Then watched him burn. Weird tradition.
Do you have any special Shetland Bonfire Night traditions?

Ninja Scroll looks bloody cool. I want a look at your dvd collection, mister. I think i'd be lost for days.

Dex said...

A confession, we hide on Halloween too :) I don't even know the children in Westerloch anymore. They scare me!

There is a bonfire on Bonfire Night literally 2 minutes from my house. I never go. Do you remember holding sparklers?

There's also a firework display at Clickimin. Unfortunately, my house faces the wrong way, so I have to leave its confines if I want to see the pretty colours.

I'm jealous of your trees. The few trees in Shetland taunt children by being unclimbable. There will be trees surrounding the place you're gonna live and I'm gonna visit. What about a treehouse?

Stupid question - what's the difference between a muffin and a cupcake. Or are we talking English muffins?

Louise said...

A cupcake is sponge with an abundance of frosting on the top.
A muffin lacks frosting, is usually a wetter sponge and has ingredients like chocolate chips, fruit, nuts and many other yummy things baked into it.

Muffins for the win.

I just watched Jim Carrey die rather spectacularly in a Dirty Harry movie. So that's two overwrought movie deaths this evening! I'm calling that a good night in.

I like that we're both hiders. You're definitely my spirit animal :) and you're so lucky to have the fireworks so close! Mine are only 10 minutes away, sure but when i was a kid, walking down with the family, all bundled up, it seemed like miles.
Clickimin with fireworks? Jealous. Oh so jealous. Trade you some trees for fireworks in Shetland?

Treehouse. If asked to choose between a treehouse and a litter of kittens, i'm not sure i could do it. Kittens and a treehouse? That could work! I do want one though. Desperately. I'd sleep there during the Summer. Truly. I'd have to pull the ladder up with me though. Just in case the murderers and sex fiends in Blair are about. My brain, my nervous brain.

I have sparklers in my room right now :)

Dex said...

Muffins vs Cupcakes - Thanks for the info. That's the kind of knowledge I like :)

Jim Carrey is in a Dirty Harry movie?!

You have sparklers! Is your room just a treasure trove of cool stuff?

Louise said...

Cake knowledge :)

My room is pretty full of junk you might not expect but isn't everyone's?
My mum got me the sparklers last November because i was sad about missing the Perth show. There were reasons. I don't know why i haven't lit them yet! Perhaps i will this weekend. I'll light one in honour of you.

Dex said...

Your mum buys you sparklers and is willing to watch ice hockey with you!

Here's some anime for you (with some atrocious music and dubbing thrown in for good measure)



Street Fighter

Louise said...

Wow. I mean really, wow. Is Basilisk actually any good? Cause it looks amazingly bad. As does it sound. Violated my ears, Dex. Meanie.

I read somewhere that Kristen Stewart had been offered a part in the live-action movie. Lets hope that shit never happens. Jesus. What do people see in that girl? I gave her a chance and she is so bland it hurts me. I'm not looking forward to how badly she's gonna fuck up On The Road. It's an impossible book to make into a movie anyway, she's just the decaying cherry on top.

Dex said...

I'm sorry, that was mean. I'll make it up to you.

No, Basilisk is not any good. But I've watched the entire series, all 24 episodes of it :( You know how it is when you get sucked into something so awful and form a small attachment to it.

That's just the title sequence. I would say that half of every episode is taken up with flashbacks to previous episodes and an even more prolonged pre-credit sequence.

Still, I like watching 2 clans of superpowered ninjas getting picked off one by one :)

But Street Fighter II has a kick-ass soundtrack (does saying kick-ass makes me sound like a twat). But it has to be the English dubbed version. The Japanese soundtrack is appalling.

How impressed are you with my knowledge of Street Fighter: The Animated Movie? Not very? Oh, okay.

Louise said...

You're forgiven. I'd Johnny Bravo to tell me stories at night. I reckon he'd have a soothing effect. Or is that just me?

Awful Televisual Attachment:

I can't explain why. I really can't.

Have you ever seen Blood - The Last Vampire? The original anime? I know, i know. Vampires again but have you? I've been meaning to for ages but i don't trust reviewers. They lie. Trust you though. Anime Wizard.

Question you may look at me askance for:

Pokemon? Yay or nay?

If saying kick-ass makes you sound like a twat then i'm one too. Who cares. Lose speak is more fun that sounding 'cool'. Ugh. The more people who say 'totes', the more i want to douse their vocal chords with acid.
Bit violent?

You impress me very much. Swears it.

Louise said...

Oh, forgot to say, just finished Utopia and you must watch it, you must watch it as soon as is humanly possible. And ending i didn't expect? That barely ever happens! Not because of intelligence, more because of my unfailing cynicism :)

Dex said...

I wasn't blown away by 'Blood' the only time I saw it, but that was years ago.

Lilly, I'm going to make it my mission to find you the most freakishly awesome vampire animes for the weekend. I have my sources :)

I watched Pokemon when it first hit our screens. It was a bit of fun for a little while, but I really didn't stick with it for very long. What did you think of it?

Stephen Fry gets everywhere. I like that we accept each other's awfulness :)

Did you watch Utopia?

Louise said...

Really? You're awesome. I have to tell you that more. We're still on for Dark City at the weekend though, right? It came today, so we have to be!

We accept each other's awfulness because we are one in the same oh Dexterous one. Nerdy soul mates. Yuss. I hope i'm still contributing to this relationship though. You seem to be showing me all the new and wondrous things.

Utopia - See twice above.

What about Neon Genesis Evangelion? A boy leant it to me in 6th year of high school. I never gave it back and i never watched it. I'm a crap person. Never lend me anything.

Pokemon was very cute and i watched it perpetually for a while but i kinda drifted from it. I do still enjoy Bulbasaur and Jigglypuff and Psyduck. I'd happily watch it again if it came on the tv but i wouldn't go out of my way. Misty's pissyness was also incredibly enjoyable.

Dex said...

I'm already looking forward to the weekend. I meant to mention it earlier. 787 items! You're so awesome :)

And how can you say you're not contributing? Lilly, do you know how many amazing new things you've introduced me to since I started reading your blog? I don't. I've lost count.

Oh, and I'd watch Pokemon with you in a heartbeat.

I'm so glad you thought Utopia was worthwhile. That's all I needed to know. Add that to my list.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - never seen it. It's really famous, but some people say it's overrated and that it gets a bit confusing towards the end. I don't know, but something else we could watch together :)

Louise said...

I like this. A meeting of minds that are similar in practice but different in content. That's what i've always wanted :)
I've been wondering but unsure whether to ask and whether it matters but how did you find my blog?

I need March to come real soon cause i need to buy Utopia and rewatch it and really pay attention this time. That and GoT is out on the 4th :) Cannot wait!
Then i can take a couple things off my gargantuan wish list. Impressive, isn't it? How many do you have?
Frustrates me actually, i'll never be able to buy them all. Especially at the rate i add things! Silly girl that i am.

I'm going to have to go back through this humungous conversation and catalogue the films we intend to watch. Otherwise we'll never remember.

Dexxxx, i think i need to sleep.

Dex said...

That's okay, Lilly :) I need to sleep too. I'm having lunch at the museum tomorrow at 12pm. Leaving do for someone at work.

Goodnight lovely Lilly.

Louise said...

Embrace your inner awkwardness tomorrow, Dexterous. It'll feel good.
And don't forget to answer the questions above, tomorrow!

Night delightful Dex.

My cape's on and i'm ready to go Street Fighter on some miscreants' asses. Yessum :)

Dex said...

I won't forget :) I'll be thinking about them & you, at lunch tomorrow. It'll get me through it all.

Right, I'm going to close my computer right after I post this message, just so you know and we don't have to worry about 'endings' :)

Time to sleep-fight some crime!

Speak to you tomorrow (or later today). Night Lilly :)

Louise said...

I just saluted you. For real.


Dex said...

Right back at ya!

And some happy vibes, just in case you need them.

Lunch over. Went just as I expected. Back to work (and some Lilly music to get me through the afternoon)

Speak to you later :)

Louise said...

Aw bud, was it torturous? Was your inner introvert an unhappy soul?

Lilly Music. Sounds like it should be something. Like radio. But radio sucks. Pirate radio!

Thank you for the Rimmer salute. I must have somehow missed that whilst watching the show. It made me laugh with my entire body and that's the best kind of laugh :)

One of my favourites ^

Dex said...

Hi, Lilly. How are you today? Do you need any more of my special brand of happy stuff? I feel I owe you, since you Charlie Chalked my world this afternoon :)

Why, in social situations, do I always end up sitting in the wrong place, far away from the people I'd be most likely to talk to?

Hmm, did you have a myspace page? I seem to recall that you did. I think I came across that in totally random fashion, which I think took me to your Deviant Art page, which probably took me to here. A happy chain of events :)

My Amazon wish list is pathetically small, a drop in the ocean compared to yours. It's filled mainly with anime & Korean/Japanese/Hong Kong films of questionable taste! Plus a bunch of stuff that I think would cheer me up on a rainy day and music/films/tv shows I've come across here.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Rimmer salute :) It's from Series 8 and, to be honest, Red Dwarf had started to suck by then. But Series 1-6 are amongst my favourite things ever. And I just love Rimmer. Is that wrong? And why do I prefer him to this guy?

Hah, Charlie Chalk. There's not many better feelings than being reminded of a show you haven't thought about in years. Thanks, Lilly, that really cheered me up this afternoon :) I was watching it, thinking "didn't he live on a tropical island" and he did!

Trying to return the favour. This is maybe my earliest memory of a tv show.

Important questions:

Are you right or left handed? I'm a lefty!

Do you remember crawling underneath bushes when you were younger and sitting in a clearing in the undergrowth. Is that what you meant by little plant cocoons? I'd like if we could do that too.

Too far away :(

Dex said...

Lilly, I feel very petty at moment, but I don't want to say why because I think you might realise what kind of person I am :(

Louise said...

What's wrong, dearest?

Dex said...

I hate my stupid brain and I hate my stupid emotions and I wish I wasn't the pathetic creature I most certainly am.

I'm also worried you'll hate me as much as I hate myself right now and won't talk to me ever again, because it's such a stupid thing.

Louise said...

Dex, i won't hate you. Don't be silly. Tell me what's wrong, so i can calm your stressed out brain.

Dex said...

February 13th 21:49
February 13th 22:05

It's such a stupid petty pointless thing, it might not even be obvious.

Louise said...

So it's either that i didn't stay in Aberdeen or that i didn't listen to the songs i said i would...either of those right?

Dex said...

Just the first song. I guess since you like it so much, I wish I'd been the one to introduce you to it. Pathetic, huh.

Louise said...

Aw, Dex. I'm sorry. That's totally my bad. If only i'd listened to that list when i said i would. Sucky form on my part, you're not pathetic at all. Told you i was a bad friend. Don't find me vampire anime, i'm totally undeserving. Sorry :(

Still buds though, right?

Dex said...

Lilly, you're the loveliest friend a boy could have :) I don't deserve a friend as cool and sweet as you.

What you've just seen is a frightening glimpse into my bizarre little world.

I guess it's just that you've introduced me to so much great music, and all I've given you is a few crappy cartoons.

And I am so finding you vampire anime at the weekend. The finest, most vampiric animes ever made.

Louise said...

Dex, m'dear, my world is just as frightening and bizarre as yours methinks. I'm pretty positive we both have...lets call them, quirks that go beyond even our control.
An example:

I have a phobia of text messaging. I overthink what i'm going to say and then overthink what the other person has said and what they might be thinking now about what i said and jesus, it just goes on. It's a nasty spiral and very stressful and completely insane.
So, i get it.
And wheesht. You have absolutely no idea how much i love the things you show me. I've already got most of what you've told me about in my amazon wish list and you got me to love Camera Obscura...i didn't think anyone could do that! So again, wheesht.

Must i write it on a billboard somewhere?:

Dexterous Epistolean is one truly awesome human being. Fact.

Dex said...

I don't have a mobile phone. I don't like the phones. Please don't overthink when talking to me. I don't think at all before posting here :)

Actually, a billboard would be good reminder? I have a habit of quickly forgetting all my good points such

Did you get a chance to read my previous post, the one before I went insane?

Louise said...

I did! And to answer your question, i'm a righty.
Cool fact, Da Vinci was a lefty, as were many other supremely creative people. That always made me jealous when i was younger. One of my many and varied crazy attributes :)

You said the word 'cocoon' in that message. I instantly had an 80s flashback. Did you watch those movies?
The bushes were more like mini willow tree forests but with a lot more scratchiness. It was quite dangerous in there but i like small spaces. Preferably high up, small spaces. Like a cat.

I did have a myspace page, so very sociable of me but i'm not really into that anymore. Facebook be damned. Ugh, can't believe you've seen some of the silly stuff i've posted over the years and stuck around! Hah, legend :)

Oh, and you prefer Rimmer of the Arnold variety because Ace is a douchebag and we like our characters flawed, not arrogant! Well, arrogance with and underlying flawed character is good but arrogance on its own is just douchey!

I love the word douchebag. It's so useful for insulting people in many and varied ways.
I'm a horrible person :)

Dex said...

Aw, Lilly. You really shouldn't have :) I'm worried that one of these days I really will get what I deserve.

I'm one of those lefties who aren't very creative because they're too worried about smudging their handwriting.

Douchebag is such a great word. It comes instantly to mind when seeing someone acting like a...well...douchebag.

Cocoon :) Don Ameche breakdancing. I liked him being a Duke in Trading Places:

"Mortimer, your brother's having a heart attack."
"Fuck him."

Whatya watchin' tonight, Lilly?

PS - Sticking around your blog was totally worth it. As was waking up at 11:30am this morning and dashing out the front door smelling of slightly unwashed boy.

Louise said...

Hah, oh dear, i do keep you up far too late. But that will hopefully change. I've enlisted my mum to help me be a normal houred living person, so maybe we can both sleep like regulars! I'm not promising anything though. I do love my hours of solitude in the a.m.

Ah, smudging. I have always wondered how lefties wrote without making a mess. Did you every try to train yourself to write with your right hand? I did, with my left, it didn't go very well. Don't think i'll be ambidexterous anytime soon. You may though, being the eponymous Dex after all :)

Right this moment, i'm watching Mark Kermode's anti-Oscars award show. I do like Kermode. He can be a right up himself tosser but he at least has a decent amount of humour about him. And a great deal of the time i agree with his reviews.

What you watching, Dex? Anything good?

I need tea, desperately but i'm far too lazy right now to be bothered :) Shameless.

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