Currently indulging in my longterm love affair with Gizmo and Billy Peltzer
My Friday nights are way more awesome than yours.

Anonymous said...

They actually showed Gremlins in the local cinema just before Christmas. Also Home Alone, Jaws and It's A Wonderful Life. We're so unbelievably cool up here.

Louise said...

Now that is an awesome lineup but i couldn't have seen Jaws. Underwater things=the horror, the extreme horror!

Where may 'up here' be, may i ask?

Anonymous said...

Shetland - which is 'up' from everywhere else in Scotland.

Actually we're not that cool, although we do dress up like vikings and burn galleys in January.

And your 80s horror street photograph is most fantastic.

Louise said...

Why thank you! Nothing like a bit of streetlamp light and mist in suburbia to give you the creeps.

If you don't actually dress up as vikings, i'm going to be sorely disappointed.