'"Islands of light are swimming on the grass," said Rhoda. "They have fallen through the trees."'

- Virginia Woolf
The Waves 

From the downright sublime, to the unashamedly fan-girlsome:
It is quite possible that i have an unhealthy love for Tim Riggins.
But hey, my shirt - available here - poses a very poignant question.
What would Tim Riggins do?

Drink it, punch it or mate with it.
To be frank.

And all done with a curmudgeonly, somewhat caveman-like wit.
Thus why i love him so.
Hollywood, be nicer to Taylor Kitsch
It's not his fault he's too pretty to act.
I'm going to hell.
Straight to hell.
Maybe not with Judas and Cain in the Ninth Circle but not far off.
Although, i don't remember there being a circle of hell dedicated to mean, little bitches when i was reading The Inferno.
Maybe the Fifth Circle?
With all the grumpy gusses?
I could probably surlily swim around the River Styx for the rest of fiery eternity.
As long as nothing with teeth tried to swallow me up.
My only stipulation.
I perhaps need some daylight...

I had to do some googling to bring back what modest amount of Inferno knowledge i gathered during my Uni days
I forget things.
I've forgotten yesterday.

To the point...
I found this on my travels:
If i could smile right now, it would look like a coat-hanger was lodged quite happily inside my mouth.
Some people are just the best of people.

Listening to: Camera Obscura 'Careless Love'