I thought i should take a few photos of snowmageddon before it melted back from whence it came.
But to be honest, i was more interested in the light being formed as the sun went down.
Please excuse my somewhat blurry photographs near the end. 
I have hands that shake like a crack addict's and my camera doesn't know how to deal with this.
Even with an anti-shake feature!
Shaky photos aside, well done nature, you put on a splendid show this evening.
You even married perfectly with the music i was listening to.
Very well done indeed.
Today is a nerdy t shirt kind of day:
Available from the Etsy store:

My hair completely obscures The Wolf Man.
Sorry about that.
The Bon Iver version of this t shirt may have fallen into my basket by accident also.
And i might be angling for The Decemberists one in the near future.
And Godzilla...

I need help.
Etsy's a wicked temptress that steals all my money.
I kid you not.

Oh well, here's a song made entirely of happy:

Not too sure how i feel about the album as a whole but this song makes me want late summer nights out in the open countryside, with good people, talking about nothing in particular.
Like when i was a kid and my people were only minutes away.
I miss being a kid.
I just bummed myself out, with a happy song.
That's talent.
In abundance.

Listening to: Think About Life 'The Wizzzard'