A movie has not managed to surprise me quite like Margin Call in a good long time.
It was not on my list of things to watch but it was in the house, my Dad wanted to see it, so what the hell.
I thought i'd be bored rigid.
I was wrong.
Oh, so wrong!
I can't say i understood it all, there is a language, like all areas of expertise that is quite simply incomprehensible to lesser mortals like myself but almost immediately you know something is rotten in the state of economy and it's only going to get worse.
We're all screwed, basically.
It's pointedly familiar.
If you want to understand more, like i did, here are a couple of links that might help:

These will probably just make your head hurt, like mine - i am not a numbers person - but it may bring you a little closer to understanding.
The movie, at least.
Economical understanding aside, this is a great movie with a spectacular cast.
Even Penn Badgley managed to stand out.
He gets a free pass for life though.
Anyone that holds a radio, Lloyd Dobler style over his head, playing Simple Minds just to get the girl is fine by me.

Now, be good movie watchers and rent/buy/download this film now, the now, now, now.

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Anonymous said...

Surely not more Jeremy Irons?!

Louise said...

Hah, i know. Normally i'd avoid him like the plague but he was actually kind of spectacular in Margin Call. I've warmed to Mr Irons and his grumpy old womanish ways in The Borgias...i'm worried for my brain.