why are you always in my dreams?

SoundCloud keeps giving me a bogus download.


Tonight's a music night.
It would seem.

a great design

tv girl

kill for love

Things like this make me happy:

first days of something

Watching: American Dad

what a game

5 days, people.

Listening to: Turtle Giant 'What a Game'


Oh, Calcifer.
I could listen to you demand food all the live long day.
Discovered this little lady today.
She has my name, pink hair and is wonderfully stroppy with an air of uselessness.
I might love her.
And this spectacular specimen of a human being has even made a t shirt i can potentially wear with nerdy pride.
Etsy people...
...air hug?

side effects

I know.
Not the best recipe for a successful movie but Rooney Mara?
She's great.
Stellar in fact.
She's my optimum version of Lisbeth Salander.
And her mere minutes on screen in The Social Network were electric.
Massive girl crush, i'll admit it.
So i'll probably give Side Effects a go.

One more very important thing:

Conspiracy Theory: Confirmed

At least in the land of 30 Rock.
And i wish to go to there.

Listening to: The Shutes 'Sweet Marie'


Out of bed before 1pm.
Celebrating with some Liz Lemon happy dancing.
And Dinosaur Jr

darling dearest

There's a word for these photographs and i can't quite find it.
Haunting seems too easy.
There's something more happening here. 
Something languid and grotesque.
But beautiful and with a saturated ache of desolation. 
A surrender of some sort. 
A lack of air.
I don't know.
Maybe there isn't an adjective to describe exactly how i feel when i see these images.
And that is both infuriating and wonderful. 

Listening to: Xylos 'Darling Dearest'

in the fire

Watching: Revenge

bones and booth

Series 7 cliffhanger.


That's all i have to say on the matter.

Listening to: Kitten 'Christina'


For those of us who have an unhealthy love for the pie-maker and his mad-quack bunch of co-workers.

Listening to: Haim 'Don't Save Me'

what to do




"Sweetheart, you'll find mediocre people do exceptional things all
the time."

- Ok Go
What To Do

The lyric that always comes to mind when i see things like this. 
The human race and art is one of the finest combinations.

Watching: Bob's Burgers

william s

Yet another book fail.
Queer is in no way bad, i just find myself severely unmoved by what i've read so far of The Beat Generation's work.
It took me until page 200, out of 281 of the highly regarded Kerouac novel, On The Road to really find myself in any way involved with the story.
Now it's one of those books i think of very fondly.
I didn't love it though.
The Beat Generation's poetry is more to my liking. 
Maybe it's the small doses of their style instead of hours spent trawling through mundane, train-of-thought stories that appeals more to my reading sensibilities.
And i don't use 'mundane' in a disparaging way. 
Not at all.
Before flaking out of uni, my next project was going to be something based around the mundanity of life.
It was more complex and thought out than that sounds but i'm not going to spill my guts about it, just in case i actually go back to it someday.

I think i need someone else to choose my next book.
As of late, i suck at it.
Any suggestions?

Listening to: Stars 'Through the Mines'

be fine

Just this. 

And maybe one of these:
Or these:
Nobody should be this hungry at 10 to 4 in the morning.
No way.

Listening to: Bearhug 'Cold Stream'

cherry red

Some stuff:

Where is my SNES?
Where, oh where?
(the longer you look at the word 'where', the stranger it becomes)
I want this...
...really quite badly.

That is all.
For now.

Listening to: Bearhug 'Cherry Red'


Okay, so this was spectacular to the sci-fi, neo-noir nth degree!
All wrapped up in an Escher shaped bow.
Alex Proyas you may have made the atrocity that is Knowing.
But you are still the man responsible for The Crow, I, Robot and of course this little Rufus Sewell gem.
Dark City, you have my undying approval.

Proyas' latest project looks suitably interesting to boot. 
Which is actually a more direct take on the novel of the same name, that was the influence for Dark City.
I guess some ideas are just too good to let alone.
And thank goodness he hasn't.

I kind of wish i'd bought it on Blu-ray.
But after reading some of the forums, the transfer is meant to be pretty bad.
So, i win.
Most of the time you need that 80s/90s graininess to really capture the mood.
Imagine Blade Runner in hi-def?
No, thank you.

Watching: Wolf...holy were bears, David Schwimmer cameoed in this! 


Oh, to take photographs like the great and powerful, Sally Mann. 
I'm practically fizzing with envy.


It's been 2 hours since i've found a single new song worth listening to.
It's making me shockingly tense.
I might have to deviate from my 5 month long Spotify related artists band hop.
That's sad.
It's been going so well.
I sha'n't sleep until i'm musically satisfied!

Listening to: Kitten 'Cut It Out'


Listening to: Burzum 'Dunkelheit'


It legitimately just took me almost 10 whole minutes to find the source of a talking advert coming from somewhere elusive within my internet browser. 
That's what i get for having 50 million tabs open.
But honestly, there should be some sort of pinpointing device to find the little, overly-vocal menaces. 
They disturb my music time and that's just not cool.


"Twilight — You know what, hats off to you, sir. If your date’s favorite book is “Twilight” or any iteration thereof, then I applaud the way you’re willing to look past her severe and possibly crippling brain damage to see the enfeebled, immature essence of her character. Sure, sure, you’ll have to make sure she has her drool cup and helmet with her at all times, but what a small price to pay. If you want to ensure her life-long, slavering devotion, invest in a tub of SPF 80, dump some glitter in and apply liberally. But my brave little toaster, if you were hoping to take your helmeted darling to pound town before marriage, I’m afraid you’re out of luck."

- Pajiba's, Joanna Robinson and Dustin Rowles' opinion of your date if Twilight is their favourite book.
Pajiba, you're a comical god and i love you.

I need to see this so damn badly.
For obvious reasons.

Listening to: Kitten 'Christina'

unbreakable run

I really want to watch...

Right now.
But it's past 5am and it's book reading time.
I am a backwards human being.

See you in like, 9 hours.
I'm going to sleep like a bear.


two hundred letters

Listening to: The Crane Wives 'Icarus'


Today was a day for making sheep.
For a future window display, not because my sister and I are insane or anything.
 Totally not the reason.
Nuh uh.

They're not quite finished yet.
They need important stuff like wool coats and...ears.
No eyes though, we like our sheep blind and collectively named Colin.
It's the law. 
Talking bollocks, again.
Like that's new.
These were fun to make.

Watching: Being Human Season 5, Ep.3

punch the troll in the neck

It's been four books since i've been completely hooked by a story.
I find this distressing.

"You used Ghostbusters for evil!"

- Liz Lemon

Hero of the day.


Spotify couldn't find my song but they gave me rabid green monsters instead.
I can deal with that.

Listening to: Nika+Rory 'I'm Not Going Anywhere'...search this song out. I got my copy, after 10 minutes of disgruntled searching, here.  


Yet another thing i found through Cameron Snow's tumblr that i wish i'd discovered first.
He's better at it this than me...
Everyone's better at this than me...
Bloody show-offs.

Listening to: Mono 'Gone'

enola fall

20 minutes.
20 effing minutes to remember this song.
A song i love and know incredibly well.
I hate my sieve of a brain.
Not even a sieve.
Just a funnel.
I have funnel-brain.

Watching: Mark Kermode Awards

a dexful dedication

Cause he's awesome.
And deserves songs.

the mother we share

I have to thank Mister Ian Clark for this band. 
He's on a mission to find local Scottish musicians for an event he'll be putting on quite soon.
And i hope he adds CHVRCHES to the lineup.
They're a local Glasgow group consisting of members from previous bands such as The Twilight Sad, The Unwinding Hours and Aereogramme.
And i can't stop listening to this song.
Or this one:
Or indeed, this one:
I'm starting to question my stance on downloadable music.
I've never been against it.
Since joining Bandcamp, i've downloaded a variety of albums/songs i might never have found in a record store.
I just hope it doesn't kill the physical side of the music industry.
Even if there has to be a small market for people like me to still buy cds and vinyl then that's okay.
Just don't take it away entirely.
I'll be bereft.

I am aware that i have no chance of winning this fight.

Listening to: CHVRCHES 'Recover'

bad habit

...as a vampire?
How did i not know about this?

The second i promised myself i wouldn't spend a fortune on Amazon this month, i began to find countless things i want.
Typical or my fault?

johnny and bob

This feels like goodbye.
Stuck on repeat. 


There should be more on this site.
So frickin' sweet.
And true!

Listening to: Bryan Adams...being awesome.


Watching: Alan Rickman being magnificent. 


You do not mess with my love for Robin of Locksley.
Especially when he's wearing his Kevin Costner suit.
And when this man is singing his schmaltzy heart out:

My favourite element of Prince of Thieves, as a kid?
Aside from Alan Rickman in his entirety?
Christian Slater as Will Scarlett.
Such a little weasel but i loved him so.
And still do.

"Locksley. I'm going to cut your heart out with a spoon!"


Watching: Duh.

damn dirty lies

Her hat is in my future.
Oh yes.
It shall be mine.
Next month.

Today's goodies:
Dystopian futures and ultra-violence are how we do it in the Boyd residence.
Or at least my wing of it.

My amazon history looks insane and without thematic sense.
There are 787 items in my wish list.
And i have private ones also.
Why do i feel proud?
I added this last night:
I shouldn't feel proud.

Listening to: John Maus 'Rights For Gays'