Okay, Steinbeck.

kay harker

When this appeared in my Pinterest feed this evening, i was instantly transported to a nostalgic bubble of terror.
They made this book into a kids' tv series in the mid 80s.
Before i was even born.
But because i have awesome parents, they raised me on some damn fine television and The Box of Delights was included. 
And yeah, like everything else i ever watched when i was a kid, i hid behind my fingers while watching it.
No idea how i have the stones to watch horror movies these days.
It's a conundrum. 
Anyhow, until now i had no idea it was originally a book. 
Thank you Pinterest people, you're awesome.
Consider this got.

When i searched for the book to add it to my Shelfari bookcase, this little wonder appeared in the possible searches:
Holy crap, cutest thing i've ever seen. 

orchestral manoeuvres in the dark

Soak up the synthy goodness.

teen dream


Broken Bat


Bailey Elizabeth
A couple of years ago i hurt my knee.
Not in a cool way.
Like running, skateboarding or puddle-jumping.
I whacked it off my wooden drawing board and damaged the nerves.
Typical behaviour.
My doctor said it would heal in time.
But it still hurts.
It hurts more in the winter.
When it's cold.
It really hurts just now.
I'm an old lady.
Just shoot me.

Does anyone know of any good exercises to rehab my knee into bendy health again? 
I want to sit crossed-legged without it hurting like a motherfudger?
I physically cannot sit like a regular person.
Not even in a tiny chair.
It distresses me.

tree, line

Tree, Line

‘This is an ongoing series of constructed photographs rooted in the forest. These works, carried out in Surrey, Hampshire and Wales,involve site specific interventions in the landscape, ‘wrapping’ trees with white material to construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera’s viewpoint.’

Listening to: Nico Vega 'Living Underground'


When i first saw this installation, i thought they were handmade dandelion clocks.

The flowers are treated with a gentle layer of adhesive to keep them from being destroyed.
It's too late in the day for me to say anything of merit.

Listening to: Nico Vega 'Million Years'


Oil paintings.

Watching: Archer Season 2


Ballpoint pen drawings.
With a few added materials.

I feel bad for posting all this stuff i'm finding on SAD and not giving them the credit.
So...well, thanks Slow.
You're way cooler than i am.


pint-sized dusky heroine

All a mixture of graphite, acrylic or chalk.
Sometimes all at once.


'They're basically the same. One's wetter, one's hornier.'

- My sister on the tiny differences between a rhino and hippo. 


small hands

After berating me for not liking Keaton Henson initially, my sister then proceeded to break my heart with this video.
I wish i'd made this.
I really do. 
Where do you learn to do this kinda stuff?!
Oh, yeah.

Watching: Anita and Me

terrible things


If your childhood did not include watching The Dream Stone.
You've been deprived.

After watching the final instalment of the LOTR trilogy last night - i did not choose this, i was just in the same room and too lazy to complain or leave - it became all the more clear that actors truly believe if they deepen their voices and whisper in a grumbly tone they will come across as serious.
Like Christian Bale in Batman.
Why can't he stop doing that voice now?
Does he truly believe he's Bruce Wayne's alter ego?
He does seem to have left the sanity building after all.

Anyhow, this whole voice of Batman theory just does not work.
In my head, they just sound like Zordrak from my beloved Dream Stone.
And i'd rather watch that mighty dragon-like creature over hobbits, any day.
So stop it, actors/actresses of the world.
Only awesome cartoons and Bruce Wayne are allowed to speak in such gravelly, pissed-off tones.
And Abed, of course.
These are the only available DVDs of TDS and all in all you get a total of 6 episodes.
Not enough! 
So not enough.
There were four seasons of this magnificent cartoon and they should really be released for all to see.
They are still available on VHS but that's not really any use, now is it?
Until such time of a DVD release, i'll just have to make do with watching the Noops, Urpneys and Argorribles do their thing on YouTube.

Oh, the things i do for a good dose of nostalgia.

Watcing: Kate Mosse's, 'Labyrinth'