Awesome episode, don't you think?
My crush on Matt Smith is growing at an alarming rate.
Not to mention my girl crush on his new partner in time-crime.
I still very much miss the Ponds though.
Enough geekery for one day?
Paul Watson said...

That was the best episode of this season so far. I wasn't impressed with the first 2. Last week's Ice Warrior episode was better, but this one was very good indeed.

Louise said...

The best so far, yes indeed but i didn't enjoy the Ice Warrior episode at all. I much preferred The Bells of Saint John. Celia Imrie, the voice of Richard E. Grant and some off the charts sexual tension between the Doc and his new lady friend. Yeah, i can stand some more of that.

This may be sacrilege but i don't really enjoy the episodes that Mark Gatiss writes. Don't get me wrong, love him to his very bones, if only for being Mycroft Holmes but meh to his storytelling.