Taken by Shaun Roberts 
Jay Howell and his lovely pup, Street Dog at the opening night of his solo show, 'Enthusiastic Person'.
Held at FFDG, the physical home of
When i first saw these i instantly thought of Bob's Burgers.
And there's a reason for that:

Jay Howell created the main characters of my beloved show.
I just wasn't enough of a well-informed nerd to know it. 
He's responsible for the wonder that is Louise Belcher!
And for this, i thank him endlessly.
I'd bake him and Street Dog a cake if it were at all possible.
A Belcher shaped cake.
via Cake Central
Attention family!
If you could make this Tiramisu flavoured, then i wish this for my birthday.

For those who are BB fans, you may be as excited as i am to know that Howell has just produced a kids cartoon for Nickelodeon called, 'Sanjay and Craig':
Why do i not have this channel?