Today i got a new number for various annoying reasons and whilst clearing out my photo album before the number change, i came across this photo i took of my cat, Misty.
 I think i was trying to remove her from her penthouse suite atop the lofty heights of the refrigerator.
She looks like she wanted to eat my face off.
She made this face a lot.
I miss her.
And her psychotic stare.

Some other stuff from the depths of my geriatric mobile phone:
A couple winters ago. 
When i get bored in the car, i take pointless scenic photos. 
Hey look, when i was an artist. 
The result of said artistry.
The angles are actually all accurate, i just can't take a decent photograph to save my shaky-pawed life.
 My 25th birthday cake.
Girlier than i've ever been in my life.
And it made me sick.
In an excellent way.
My sisters brought it to me in bed.
That was pretty sweet.
And yes, you are seeing a razor.
I think i dropped it, broke it and was hiding the evidence badly.
Moving on.
My beautiful Cedar Vans.
Summer, hurry the frak up so i can wear them again.
I'm tired of being cold.

Do i win the 'most pointless blog post of the day' award?

Listening to: Young Galaxy 'Out The Gate Backwards'